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Here Are 2 Major Weight Loss Secrets They Are Trying to Hide From Us

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Here Are 2 Major Weight Loss Secrets They Are Trying to Hide From Us

Here Are 2 Major Weight Loss Secrets They Intentionally Hide From Us

While people often talk and write about what is best to put inside our bodies, it is much less spoken about the contents of what leaves our bodies. Excess waste in the body equates to more body weight that can be shed. One of the major causes of excess weight in the human body is extra waste that has found its home in the colon. Weight loss can come without effort if your body is rid of this waste. It is important to be sure your digestive system is on top of its game.

2 Secrets the Weight Loss Industry Hides From Us

The first trick to losing weight is to regularly cleanse and detox your body. Giving your digestive system time to rest can help get rid of old toxic waste. There are two options for doing this. You can opt for a two-week cleanse, or take one day per week to only eat fruits and vegetables. Your body sees these as real foods and your digestive system does not need to work overtime to process foods it does not recognize. If you eat single-ingredient, whole foods that your body can process and use to benefit its function, your system is left with less stress.

The second way to calm your digestive system and keep it running smoothly is to eat the correct food combinations. While this might initially seem complicated, it is easy to learn and to start adapting into your everyday lifestyle.

Proper food combining may seem complex, because we have always learned the importance of a balanced meal with a starch, vegetable, and protein. The unknown here comes within the complex digestive system. The digestive system takes various amounts to time to break down each food group and give the body time to absorb the nutrients. Foods that are digested quickly leave little waste to leave the body and they are gentle on the digestive system. The less work the digestive system needs to do, the more often one will eliminate waste.


Once you are able to eliminate waste consistently, other results will follow. This includes less cellulite, fewer headaches, and reduced inflammation. There is also a decline in gas, bloating, acid reflux, and constipation.

Here are five basic food combining tips:

food combining tips

1. Vegetables are great with other single-ingredient, clean foods. Vegetables combine well with most foods.

2. Choose only one other food, such as nuts or chicken, to go with your vegetables.

3. Only eat one category of protein for each meal. This means sticking with either chicken or fish and not combining the two.

4. Eat either a protein or a starch at every meal, but do not eat both of them together.

5. Fresh fruit should only be eaten alone on an empty stomach, unless it is being eaten with leafy greens.

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The main key here is to not mix an animal protein with a starch or grain in the same meal. While there are a lot of gray areas in this process, it is important to just be aware of the principle and do the best you can. It may not always be possible to follow perfect food combinations, but in the long term, it is easier on your body and will result in weight loss.

If you feel good following a meal, with lots of energy, and not a lot of stomach issues, you have likely found an eating plan that works for you.

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