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5 Common Pull-ups Mistakes To Avoid

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5 Common Pull-ups Mistakes To Avoid

5 Common Pull-ups Mistakes To Avoid

Ah, the pull-up…

One of the most difficult yet rewarding exercises out there, the pull-up has been known to strike fear into even some of the most seasoned work-out aficionados. And with good reason!

It turns out that the simple pull-up is surprisingly easy to mangle. In fact, there are five very common ways that people tend to lessen the effectiveness of this supposedly simple workout staple.

Pull Ups 1

Don’t fall prey to these mistakes! After all, you’ve already put on your workout clothes, gotten to the gym and started to perform one of the most difficult maneuvers known to mankind. Work that pull-up to the best of your ability, and you will be rewarded with a stronger back, core, and arms!

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