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8 Basic Skills Everyone Should Know

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8 Basic Skills Everyone Should Know

Whether you live with your parents, children, friends, husband or wife, or alone, there are a few things you should know how to do, basic things that will make your life easier and happier. Self-reliance is vital to living a healthy, productive life.

1. How to Build a Fire

Fire produces heat and light, two basic necessities for living. At some point in your life this knowledge may be vital.
When building a fire, always think about safety first. You don’t want to be that guy who starts a raging wildfire in a national park. If your camping site has a designated fire area, use it. If you’re camping in a more rugged area that lacks fire sites, you’ll need to make your own. Select a site away from trees, bushes, and other plant material. Your fire bed should on bare earth, not grass, especially dead grass. If you can’t find a bare area, make your own by digging and raking away plant material, taking particular care in clearing away all dry plant material. Dry grass, branches, and bark catch fire easily. You need a starter, like dry grass, a middle, like branches, then logs for a sustained fire.

2. How to ace an interview

Before you even show up to the interview, make sure you are ready: First of all, get rid of any drunken Facebook posts that will exclude you from the applicant field before you even get into the interview room. Be very careful and honest in what you put on your resume. Do not embellish anything you will not recognize, because an employer will ask you about the job experience you have listed thoroughly.
The first impression is crucial, so pamper yourself, and make sure you show confidence by good eye contact, an apparent interest in the job through frequent smiles, and an enthusiastic tone of voice will keep you in the running for the job. Research the company, what it does, and the position you are applying for.

3. Operate a Computer

Fundamental computer knowledge is essential these days. Using a computer is really not a big deal, you don’t need to have any special educational background except how to read and write, or type. You need to know how to read to be able to understand the simple commands on the computer or laptop.

People with computer knowledge have the advantage of securing a better job faster than those who don’t!

Some Basic Skills Everyone Should Know

4. How to Change a Tire

Locate a level surface and use the parking brake, then locate and take out the spare tire and carjack.
Place the jack under the solid, metal part of the car’s frame, and twist the cranking level until the jack holds the weight of the car in support, but is not lifting it off the ground.
Use a cross wrench to turn the nuts on the hubcap counterclockwise, releasing pressure but not twisting any further. Once the nuts are loosened, crank the jack to elevate the car off of the ground.
Finish unscrewing the lug nuts with your hands and then remove the flat tire from the vehicle.
Place the new wheel, then tighten the nuts with your fingers. Use the cross wrench to tighten the nuts one crank at a time without fully tightening one before the others.

5. Perform CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver

Someday it may be your wife, husband, son or daughter that needs help. If the person is not responsive and not breathing or not breathing normally; Call 911 and return to the victim.
Push down in the center of the chest 2 inches 30 times. Pump hard and fast at the rate of at least 100/minute, faster than once per second
Tilt the head back and lift the chin. Pinch nose and cover the mouth with yours and blow until you see the chest rise. Give 2 breaths. Each breath should take 1 second. There are very often classes in this at your local high school, college, community center, hospital, and Red Cross. It’s very affordable and well worth it!

6. How to Keep Your House Clean

Each morning you can start by making your bed after you get out of it, spray a shower cleaning product into the shower once you get out. Once you finish brushing your teeth, wipe the toothpaste and micro hairs off the counter. If needed empty the dishwasher and wipe down the kitchen counters before you head off to work. Besides everyday things like dishes and picking up, clean one room every day; Mondays vacuum and dust, Tuesdays sweep and mop, Fridays clean out the fridge, etc. Simple as that.

7. Budgets and money

It’s important for teens to know how interest works and how to track their bank accounts online. It’s vital to know how much money you have first, then write down each planned expenditure, like rent, car payment, insurance, utilities, groceries, gas, cable, phone, internet, credit cards, and don’t forget toiletries, spending money, laundry, and medical bills, deduct the bills from the money coming in and you can see what’s left for incidentals and savings. Often banks offer financial counseling for free to customers and can help set up a budget you can live with.

8. Do Basic Cooking

If you can’t cook your own steak and eggs, you probably aren’t going to make it, it is important to at least learn cooking basics: how to use a knife, how to cut up a vegetable, how to mind a kitchen, and how to use appliances, how to cook a basic meal from scratch. Make up a meal plan, re-purpose leftovers, buy items in a more economical fashion. A basic cooking class is often offered as part of community education, it’s also a fun way to meet people and learn new things. Also, don’t be scared to ask friends to teach you to can your own vegetables, bake a certain dish, or help with menu planning.


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