She Spent Years Trying to Heal Her Gut, Brain Fog, and Fatigue. Here’s What Finally Worked

She Spent Years Trying to Heal Her Gut, Brain Fog, and Fatigue. Here’s What Finally Worked

Normally healthy people sometimes find themselves in a sudden cycle of health concerns that they may not even realize can be related to one another. Common health problems that arise suddenly include weight gain, inability to lose weight, fatigue, mental fog, lack of concentration, digestive issues, skin problems and even disruption of the reproductive system. Once unusual symptoms hit, these people are left having spent months or even years trying to find a solution in addition to thousands of dollars down the drain.

Heal Her Gut

They see numerous doctors, healers, naturopaths and specialists who can’t provide a single solution, and they often resort to attempting to self-heal with various hard-to-pronounce supplements, fasting or strange diets. Even if they make progress, they may find that suddenly their techniques stop working, and they’re left to solve their health problems from scratch.

Such is the story of writer and stylist Natalie Decleve, who found herself trapped in a pattern of fatigue, confusion, and an out-of-whack menstrual cycle. Her symptoms came about so suddenly and mysteriously that they were exhausting to understand and seemingly impossible to treat. She assumed her issues were caused by factors such as excessive stress, lack of sleep, eating foods to which she had an intolerance, alcohol consumption and other common habits.

While eliminating or overcoming these habits is very helpful for improving overall health, it may not fix specific issues or those that occur concurrently. Decleve also noticed a change in her menstrual cycle upon cessation of hormonal birth control. Like her, some women go months or years without a normal cycle due to hormonal interference or imbalances, and they’re told by their doctors to wait it out with no results.

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