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Why He Wants You in the Morning and You’re Hotter at Night? Here’s the Answer…

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Why He Wants You in the Morning and You're Hotter at Night? Here's the Answer...

Why He Wants You in the Morning and You’re Hotter at Night? Here’s the Answer…

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One of the mysteries surrounding marriages is the situation where women have a strong desire to make love at night while men want it in the morning. During the morning, many women feel sleepy while men will be active. On the other hand, the man will be tired while the woman will be active and in the mood to make love. This phenomenon causes many people to regard themselves as either ‘owls’ or ‘larks” which means evening or morning people. The differences in the mood where people will have contrasting times when they feel good to imply that it is easy for a person to resent it whenever someone wants to interfere with their pattern by expecting them to make love when they do not intend to do so.

Why He Wants You in the Morning When You're Hotter at Night? Here's the Answer...


The contrasting feelings for making love can only be explained through psychology which states that the differences between hormones between men and women are the reason for the mystery. The following is the timeline of how the hormones work:

Morning Hours

Testosterone hormones are at their peak before a man wakes ranging from 25-50 percent. The reason behind the increase in testosterone levels is because the pituitary glands that produce $ex hormones are stimulated throughout the night rising steadily till dawn. Testosterone hormones are also produced by women but for their case, the amounts produced are very small rising by a tiny bit throughout the night. The hormone levels are also kept in balance by progesterone and oestrogen. With just small amount of testosterone men will have a desire to make love and raised levels in the morning will happen two to three times a week to cause erection.

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Another reason that men feel amorous in the morning is that they have a feeling they slept well. Testosterone levels depend on how a man has Longley and deeply a man had his sleep. For example, getting more than five hours of sleep can trigger testosterone levels to increase by 15 percent according to research done by Journal of the American Medical Association.

During the Day

The production of testosterone hormones goes on for men during the day. The role of the hormone are sperm production and triggering muscle growth. The production of these hormones will continue to rise and fall every 90 minutes. The sight of an attractive person will trigger the nervous system of men releasing feel-good brain neurotransmitters (endorphins) triggering blood flow to the genitals. Men are therefore found to be attracted to people they fancy, but women testosterone levels will only be triggered by anticipation of having time of closeness with their partners.

In the evening

Men level of testosterone starts to decrease as evening hours approaches but for women the $ex hormones rises gradually. For example, women might decide to unwind their day by listening to cool music. Such relaxation got through the desire to overcome the stress of the day, in turn, increases testosterone for them making them feel more in the mood and bonded but for men the music will help to calm their aggression while their $ex hormones reduce. When it is about time to sleep, the man’s testosterone levels will be at the lowest while women’s $ex hormones are about to reach the highest level.

It is, therefore, easy to understand why men will wake up with a desire to make love in the morning while feeling amorous. High $ex hormones equal to a great mood, and since their testosterone are at the peak during the morning, then it is the reason for their strong desire for making love at the hours. An example of a researcher who has investigated this mystery is Ashley Grossman, who during his time as a professor at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London claimed that men will have their testosterone levels rise to peak between 25-50 percent even before they open their eyes. Gabrielle, who is another researcher, argued that the differences between $ex hormones can be seen from the reason that women need a reason to make love while a man needs a place. The research about differences in $ex hormones, therefore, best explains the reason why men and females cannot synchronize their !nt!macy clocks.

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