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12 Remedies to Stop Snoring

12 Remedies to Stop Snoring.

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Being disturbed while sleeping can be very irritating. Many people can’t sleep with any disturbance, sometimes the snoring of others disturbs us which can be frustrating. This problem is more severe for people who are sensitive to noise while they sleep. Here is a list of suggestions you can try to stop snoring.

12 Remedies to Stop Snoring.

1. Clear nasal passages

A clogged nose is a major cause of snoring, it makes it difficult to breathe while sleeping which results in snoring. It’s important to keep nasal passages clear while sleeping, it also creates a vacuum in the throat which leads to snoring. Your nose can be cleared by blowing out whatever is inside before you go to bed.

2. Avoid alcohol

Along with other things, alcohol is a strong muscle relaxer. Alcohol consumption makes the muscles of the throat collapse which creates obstruction in your airway which leads to snoring.


3. Don’t overeat before bed

Eating right before bed can cause snoring, a heavy meal before bed leaves our body no time to digest it. A stomach full of food exerts thrust on the diaphragm which puts pressure on airways and results in snoring.

4. Lose weight

Being overweight is one reason behind snoring. Losing weight lowers the fatty tissue in the back of your throat which helps prevent snoring.

5. Raise your head

Raising the head of your bed can put an end to your snoring habit by avoiding the collapse of your airways which reduces snoring.

6. Change your sleeping position

Sleeping on your back can result in snoring. This makes the base of the tongue and soft palate collapse towards the back of throat which results in a vibrating sound when we sleep. Sleeping sideways can put an end to this problem.

7. Get your allergies treated

Allergies related to our respiratory system force us to breathe using our mouth. Treating your allergies is helpful to stop snoring. You can take an antihistamine if needed before going to bed.

8. Avoid sleeping pills

Sleeping pills and tranquilizers are excellent muscle relaxants. This is why they make us fall asleep, however when our muscles get too relaxed snoring begins. You can try these natural remedies to have a good night sleep.

9. Give up smoking

Smoking has many health hazards and snoring is one of them. Smoking creates nasal congestion which results in swelling of the throat. This swelling narrows the airway causing snoring.

10. Use a steam bowl

A steam bowl can be used to get rid of snoring. Take a steaming bowl and place your head over it, cover your head with a towel and breathe deeply. Doing this clears the nose and decreases swelling in the airway.

11. Maintain sleep hygiene

Try to keep your sleeping environment clean and dust-free. When we breathe during sleep dust enters our nose which blocks the airway causing snoring. Change your pillow covers regularly to ensure they are dust and germ-free. Dust accumulates in the pillows which causes allergic reactions that can lead to severe health problems along with snoring.

12. Get ample sleep

Do not work too much without sleep. Not getting ample and regular sleep makes you overtired and then when you sleep the muscles become floppier and cause snoring.

12 Remedies to Stop Snoring
By Divya Shree
Edited by Stephanie Dawson
Reviewed by Nima Shei MD

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