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The Miracle That is Black Pepper

The Miracle That is Black Pepper

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Most of the best supplements available in the market today are all-natural. Why is that, you may ask. This is because natural supplements are considered to be safer and cost a lot lesser than other synthetic supplements. With the greater number of people who prefer natural supplements these days, the demand also became higher.

Some of the best combination of natural products used for supplements in the market today is the turmeric and black pepper. When these two are combined, a modern-day miracle supplement is produced, known as Bioperine™.

The Miracle That is Black Pepper

This is made through the extraction of curcuminoids from the turmeric. This is one of its most active agents in healing the body. Curcuminoids have properties that are able to reduce inflammations. It also boosts the body’s immune system, providing some of the best defenses for the body. However, turmeric alone can’t do the entire job. This is where black pepper comes into play.

Black pepper has Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and flavonoids that do well in beating certain cancers. It also has carotenoids, an antioxidant that helps in reducing the toxic level substances within the body. As we know, these toxins are some of the leading causes of cancers.

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Black pepper also helps in stimulating digestion. It can stimulate the stomach walls, making more Hydrochloric acid, the main ingredient when it comes to the digestion of food. Black pepper can also treat colds and flu because of its Vitamin C component. This can be consumed by adding some black pepper to honey. Another benefit of black pepper is weight loss. Most reduction supplements in the market include black pepper in their active ingredients.

One of the reasons why black pepper is one of the most sought after natural supplements today is because of its bioactive component called piperine. This component helps in the treating the ailments we’ve discussed above. It is also one of the most potent ingredients of Bioprene. When combined with turmeric, piperine and turmeric are better absorbed in the body.

In our bodies, turmeric is not as bioavailable in its raw nature. However, when taken with agents such as piperine, the absorption of these two increased by 2000 times. This makes curcumin from turmeric easily available in the body, achieving the optimal levels in much lesser time in absorbing some of the most important vitamins and minerals.

To add an addition to the already fascinating benefits of black pepper, it is also a powerful antidepressant. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to add some spice to your food. Not only will it taste better, but it will also do wonders for your mind and body.

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Maggie Martin is currently completing her Ph.D. in Cell Biology. When she is not busy in the university, she takes interest in a variety of things such as lifestyle, food, health, herbal medicine, and the benefits of turmeric. Follow her on Twitter @ maggiemartink

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