10 Ways to Find Out if She is Making a Fool Out of You

10 Ways to Find Out if She is Making a Fool Out of You

10 Ways to Find Out if She is Making a Fool Out of You

It is difficult for most men to admit when they’re being strung along by a woman. For some, it’s a pride thing. For others, it’s about not knowing how to read the signs. Below are tend ways to tell whether she’s making a fool out of you.

The Text Trap

Who sends the first text? If you’re always contacting her first, you may be dealing with a woman who’s only in it for the thrill of being chased. Experiment with this by changing up your contact patterns – if you can stop contacting her and the frequency of your conversations drops precipitously, you’re probably being strung along.

The Friends and Family Plan

Do you know her friends and family? If you’ve been dating for more than a few weeks, you should have some contact with those she cares about. If you haven’t met anyone in her life, you should be a bit suspicious. She might be excited by the thrill of a secret relationship, sure, but it’s more likely there is some reason she’s keeping you secret.

Meaningful Titles

What do you call the person you date? If she introduces you to friends – and especially male friends – as just another friend, you know you’re being led on. Don’t let the “let’s not use labels” thing fool you if you’re not on the same page. If she’s interested in a relationship, the labels won’t matter. If she’s not, you’ll find that the labels are more carefully avoided.

The Switch

One of the most common relationship stereotypes is that women tend to run hot and cold. In reality, you can tell how much someone cares for you by how they act towards you. If she’s only interested in you when you’re not available or when you’re pulling away, you’re looking at someone who is only interested in your attention rather than in your company.

Double Time

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