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She Was Sleeping with Her Husband’s Best Friend and Here’s What Happened

She Was Sleeping with Her Husband’s Best Friend and Here's What Happened

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Many marriages end up in divorce due to infidelity and betrayal. There are still a few individuals that feel marriage is forever no matter what. In this article she was sleeping with her husband’s best friend and here’s what happened.

For instance, recently South Korea legalized adultery. South Korea is a non-Muslim country that is against adultery; this brought a broad range of opinions amongst the people. Some of the people became irritated even to the point of fuming because their belief was that it is a crime. Their way of thinking is that it can completely tear down a families morals. In all reality, nobody can deny that this is part of our society today.

She Was Sleeping with Her Husband’s Best Friend and Here's What Happened

Here’s a brief fictional story that tells precisely on the subject of infidelity.

Her husband packs and tells her he is going on a fishing trip with his best friend for the weekend. However, this is the same best friend that happens to be her lover. After her husband leaves for his trip, she calls her lover and invites him to come over. Then they begin to make love for hours.

As they are relaxing in bed after their love making the phone begins to ring. She answers and it is her husband. He explains how well the fishing trip is going and how much fun him and his best friend are having. Her lover only can hear a one-sided conversation, so when she hung he asked who it was.

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She replied saying it was my husband. He was commenting on the amazing time he is having on the fishing trip with you. According to the grapevine, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Committing adultery to some is just a way of life while others get hurt and are devastated by the betrayal.

Staying married after one has committed adultery

It is difficult to mend or heal a broken heart after an extramarital affair. If he or she plan on staying with their partner, it may take some time to get past all the hurt feelings. To get through those hurt feelings they may need to do the following:

Process the painful feelings
Repair the damaged trust
Let someone in on their deepest vulnerabilities

Just getting through the pain is only half of the battle. It will require a solid commitment to rebuild everything that brought the marriage to this point. Taking steps to rebuild a marriage can entail restoring the emotional bond and desire they once had for each other. Marriage counseling may be a way to help those that find themselves in this position.

When married there are certain expectations that a spouse has towards the other. Being faithful is one of those expectations. If a spouse has chosen to have an extramarital affair, it may damage their spouse emotionally. If it ends up in a divorce, they may never regain the ability to trust again. Thus, leaving the broken spouse all alone, damaged, feeling unloved, and possibly depressed.

Psychologists reveal that men are motivated to cheat for the most part for $ex. On the other hand, women look for emotional int!macy that is no longer part of their relationship. Men and women respond pretty much the same way towards cheating, rage, and humiliation. All the same, they still have an affair for different desires.

This article has shown a few things that can happen if a spouse should commit adultery. As shown most spouses have extramarital affairs to fulfill what is missing in their marriage. However, before committing such an act consider what you might be giving up. If you feel something is missing from your marriage, then take the time to discuss it with your spouse. They most likely will do their best to fulfill the desire that is missing.

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