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5 Powerful Ways to Whiter Teeth and Fresh Breath Without a Chewing Gum!

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5 Powerful Ways to Whiter Teeth and Fresh Breath Without a Chewing Gum!

First impressions are important, and everyone likes to see a gleaming white smile. Even though most Westerners instinctively stand an arm’s distance away from people to whom they are speaking, bad breath can still travel that far. It is uncomfortable for everyone involved. Often times, people avoid talking to those who have dirty teeth and foul breath.

For the best impression, you should always practice good oral hygiene. Of course, you should visit your dentist for periodic checkups. If you need a boost to your regular brushing and flossing, here are some natural remedies to shine your teeth and make your breath fresh:

1. Chlorophyll

Did you ever wonder why many cat litter brands contain chlorophyll? It is the chemical component that gives plants their green color and is a natural deodorizer. Parsley in an herb that is abundant in chlorophyll. Just chewing a little up in your mouth can instantly refresh your breath. Ancient cultures added sprigs of parsley with meals for breath fresheners-a tradition that continues to this day.

2. Flavored toothpicks

You can find flavored toothpicks in just about any supermarket. They are gently soaked in cinnamon or mint oils. Just lightly sucking on these toothpicks can cleanse your breath after a spicy meal of onions or garlic. Cinnamon and mint taste and smell wonderful and have natural components that kill germs. No wonder why so many oral hygiene products use them as flavors.

3. Baking Soda

Before toothpaste was even invented, people used baking soda to whiten their teeth. It provides a gentle abrasion that gets rid of tartar and plaque. It also neutralizes the germs that can cause foul breath. The best part is that you can usually buy a box of quality baking soda for a little under a buck.

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4. Hydrogen Peroxide

You have probably had hydrogen peroxide put on a cut to disinfect it. It reacts to oxygen and fizzes away potential germs. For years, hydrogen peroxide compounds have been used as a bleaching agent. The teeth whitening systems you can buy at the store have mild peroxide compound solutions. The ones that are used by dentists have a higher concentration. Although a bottle of hydrogen peroxide is a very weak solution, it can still help you maintain your pearly whites. It is better to pay a dollar for a bottle of this than to pay for the expensive whitening systems.

5. Fresh Sage Leaves

You may use this venerable herb every year at Thanksgiving to garnish the turkey or for a stuffing ingredient. Native Americans and other indigenous cultures have revered sage for generations for its curative properties. Did you know it was also an excellent whitener for the teeth? Just rub a couple fresh leaves over your teeth twice a day. The natural oils in the sage act as a whitener and it kills bad breath.

You do not have to spend a fortune on whitening your teeth or freshening your breath. A lot of store-bought products have chemicals and preservatives that may not be good for you. Some of the best natural remedies for oral hygiene may be right in your spice cabinet or first-aid kit. Try one or more of these remedies and enjoy the results. You can smile because you have white teeth, your breath smells wonderful, and you are saving money by using natural products.

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