5 Things A Man Says When He’s Serious About You

5 Things A Man Says When He's Serious About You

5 Things A Man Says When He’s Serious About You

Have you been dating someone but are unsure of whether or not he is serious about you? Are you ready to commit to him and wondering if he feels the same way?

If you’ve been listening intently to what your man says, trying to decipher whether or not he’s serious about you, start paying attention to conversations. If he’s serious about you, he might mention having a future together, getting married, meeting his family, how many children he wants, his career goals, where he wants to live, and his health, among other things. He also may say one of these five things a man says when he’s serious about you:

1. “Jeff and I are going bowling at 7 tomorrow.”

Someone who is serious about you is transparent. He is never going to be evasive or vague and will always give you straight answers. Similarly, his story will always check out. If he says he is going bowling, he will be at the bowling alley exactly when he’s told you he’ll be there. If your guy is straight with you, it means that you can trust him-he won’t be out with other girls or in places you don’t approve of.

2. “My older brother wants to go on a double date. Do you want to go?”

If your boyfriend is trying to introduce you to his family or friends, he thinks that you are important. You are more than just a casual fling to him, he can envision you in his future.

Similarly, think about whether he’s someone that you could trust around your own family. I once dated a man who didn’t quite understand my family’s dynamic. We had been dating for two months and he wanted to come home for the weekend with me to my parent’s house. No matter how much I explained my parent’s religious viewpoint to him, he didn’t seem to care. I went home by myself, and we broke up shortly afterward because I realized that he wasn’t someone that I wanted my parents to meet. He didn’t care enough about my family to be someone I wanted to share a future with. If your boyfriend wants you to meet his family, he has faith in your relationship and values your personality.