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5 Tips to Know for Sure that You’ve Found “Mr. Right”

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5 Tips to Know for Sure that You’ve Found “Mr. Right”

5 Tips to Know for Sure that You’ve Found “Mr. Right”

By Coach Selina of Well Said Living

5 Tips to Know for Sure that You’ve Found “Mr. Right”

So you’re in a relationship, and you wanna make sure that this relationship is the “right” relationship!

Here are five tips to help you determine if who you’re dating right now is currently “Mr. Right” or if he’s “Mr. Wrong”.

Tip 1: Set Your Intentions

When you are playing the dating market, you must be clear on why you want to date in the first place.

Are you looking for someone to become your husband?

Are you looking for someone to have fun with for just a season?

Make sure your intentions are clear, then communicate your intentions with your boyfriend. If you do not share the same intentions with the guy you’re trying to develop a relationship with, then he’s not the one.

Likewise, if he does not express mutual intentions early in the relationship, then red flags are up and it’s time to slowly back out of something that will only waste your time.

Tip 2: Establish mutual feelings for each other

There can be guys out there who are head over heels for you and are ready to buy you the world. To some, that’s an answered prayer and a dream come true! But do you honestly feel the same way?

Are you willing to give the same amount of love, attention, and affection to your beau as he is so willing to give to you?

Let’s switch the scenario: Are you are waiting hand and foot for your fellow and he’s not? He shows no reaction to your affection and has no intention of hanging out with you, meeting your family, etc? This is a reality check that you must be willing to acknowledge.

These are some things you need to work out in your relationship. If your feelings aren’t mutual for one another, then it be best to call it quits.

Tip 3: Allow your “flame” to spread into the “friend” zone

If all you feel in your relationship is strictly a “physical” thing, then how will you ever experience life together? How will you outlast conflict together? Or will you both be there for each other through a time of grief?
If you don’t have a solid friendship within your relationship, then all you really have is a “fling”. In this case, you can choose to stay with your “fling” or you can let go, if you’re ready to get serious.

Tip 4: Listen to what your family and friends think about your relationship
You’re probably thinking that your relationship is nobody’s business! Sure, I may not know a whole lot about your family or friend situation, but guess what? Your family and friends know a whole lot about YOU.

If they know that you are not happy and that you are simply “settling” in your relationship, then they are going to let you know about it, whether you want to hear it or not.

If you are unwilling to take their advice, being the ones who have known you all your life, then how can you take the advice from anyone else??

If they approve then there could be an opportunity to see where things can go in the future.

Seriously, it might be serious.

Tip 5: Ensure a lifetime gain for your lifetime investment.

I’m not saying that you should become a “gold digger” or that you have to use your man for all they have.

However, if you’re going to sacrifice your singlehood for a relationship that may go all the way, then be sure you are going to get something out of it, such as love, respect, attention, time and whatever else you desired your long-term relationship to be.

Marriage is a mutual thing—both parties will sacrifice and gain.
If you don’t see that you are getting anything for what you’re investing in, then you should think twice on whether moving towards marriage is what you want to do.

I remember in past relationships with my ex-boyfriends and I would think to myself,
“Man, this situation sucks! If I ever marry this guy then I will probably be miserable, but that’s OK as long as we’re together…I guess that’s just how life is.”


If you are dating your “ideal” guy and you really want to know if this relationship is serious or not then get serious with yourself and check your heart.

Is this truly what you want till the end of your days?
If it is, then continue on and be happy. If it’s not, then you have a lot of analyzing to do and you and your guy should have a conversation sooner rather than later.

Author’s Bio:

Selina M. AlmodovarCoach Selina M. Almodovar, Well Said Living www.wellsaidliving.com
In order to live a life you absolutely love, you gotta know WHO YOU ARE, and WHAT YOU STAND FOR. Need some tips on how to start moving towards a life you love? Get her  FREE E-Guide to get the first 4 Steps for “Letting Go” and “Moving On” for good! Coach Selina offers personal and online coaching services, and a weekly show on  YouTube, where she talks about relationships and lifestyle every Wednesday and Friday. She also promotes doTERRA Essential Oils, as a natural way of living. Learn more about her by visiting her website at:  www.wellsaidliving.com, or follow her socially, through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest .

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