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9 Signs Your Partner Is NOT a Cheater – Congrats!

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9 Signs Your Partner Is NOT a Cheater - Congrats!

9 Signs Your Partner Is NOT a Cheater – Congrats!

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When getting to know a new significant other it can be difficult to stop wondering whether or not he will cheat. This is especially true if you’ve been cheated on before, as this experience will teach you to be wary. Instead of looking for signs that he will cheat, try looking for these nine signs that he won’t.


1. He’s Open.

As television show host and psychologist Dr. Phil so eloquently says, “People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing.” You and your significant other are both allowed a certain measure of personal space, but a guy who openly shares his life with you is able to do so because he has no secrets to keep. This author’s current boyfriend, for example, frequently hands over his cell phone when driving and asks her to respond to texts for him. Her cheating ex-husband would never have done the same.

2. His friends are faithful.

Pay attention to your man’s friends when they come around. It’s a bad sign if they are always talking about their latest conquests or cheating on their wives and girlfriends. Licensed psychotherapist M. Gary Neuman says men with faithful friends are more likely to be faithful themselves.

3. His ex is long gone.

According to eHarmony, 32 percent of women and 21 percent of women who admitted to being unfaithful confessed that they cheated with an old flame. It’s a sign of trouble if his ex-girlfriend always finds an excuse to come around and he lets it happen. Things look good for you, though, if she is long gone.

4. He’s been faithful in the past.

This one can be difficult for you to determine since you likely haven’t known your new man all that long, but a man who has been faithful in past relationships is likely to stay faithful in the future. This is a core personality trait and isn’t likely to change one way or another.

5. He’s extroverted.

A 2014 study in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships concluded that extroverted people are less likely to cheat. While extroverts may be approached more frequently and given more opportunities to cheat, introverts are much more likely to give in to the pressure of doing so rather than declining the offer.

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6. He needs to be romanced.

Some men are more easily aroused than others, and a study conducted in 2011 found that men who need a bit more coaxing to perform in the bedroom were less likely to stray. Though always taking extra time in the bedroom can be an annoyance, it seems it may be worth the investment.

7. You get a good vibe from him.

It’s always wise to trust your gut, whether it is giving you good news or bad. If you’re not sure about the vibe, ask friends and family for their honest opinion. Researchers at Brigham Young University were surprised to find that strangers could accurately determine whether or not couples were faithful to each other after watching just 4 minutes of a videotaped interaction between them. Infidelity radar may be a real phenomenon and some people may truly be able to spot a cheater just by looking at him.

8. Your financially even.

A study printed in the American Sociological Review revealed that both men and women are more likely to cheat if there is a large gap between their earnings. It seems he is more likely to cheat if he makes significantly more or less than you, with the likelihood if infidelity seemingly based on the size of the income gap rather than which partner is making more.

9. He feels loved and appreciated.

Human beings have a psychological need for acceptance and love. Even men need to feel respected and appreciated by their partners and are more likely to stray if they don’t. More men cheat because of emotional dissatisfaction than sexual desire, so remember to sing your man’s praises often and show him that you mean every word.

Relationships are always a bit of a gamble, but trusting another enough to hand them the power to hurt you is part of what makes them special. Go ahead and take the risk, but do so in a measured and intelligent way. Look for guys that display these traits and you’ll minimize the risk of infidelity and heartbreak.

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