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Why It’s So Damn Satisfying To Peel Your Sunburn

Why It's So Damn Satisfying To Peel Your Sunburn

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Sunburn We’ve all probably peeled miles worth of skin in our lifetime, but what made it feel so relaxing? It’s got to be some kind of natural need to stay clean. You definitely don’t want to let that nasty stuff fall off on its own! It’s a totally controversial topic for most doctors. Should you scrub that flaky skin off? Is it better just to leave it alone? Let’s look at both sides, and we’ll find out for ourselves!

Why You Shouldn’t Pick At It

Sunburn happens when the harmful rays of the sun damage you’re top-layer of skin. It’s not really burning us like when we touch a hot stove. It’s all those light-waves that get absorbed from being outside. Your body is basically shedding all of the dead skin cells that got killed from too much sunshine. We should think of it as a big blister. You wouldn’t want to keep picking at a scab because scabs protect cuts from germs. Leftover skin puts a barrier on your body to protect your healing skin from infections. It’s like a big band-aid.

If you’re interested in hearing more about why it’s bad to peel your dead skin away, then you should check this out. The rest of us normal people can keep reading about why it feels so good to peel every inch of it.

Why You’re Going To Peel It Anyways

Some people like to do all kinds of gross personal-grooming. I’m not really into popping pimples, but I love a satisfying peel after feeling the burn. There’s just something so relaxing about trying to pull off a huge piece of skin without ripping it! No one really knows why we love to do it. You’re sure to find lots of guesses on the internet. It could be a genetic trait passed down from your parents. I think it’s just a coping mechanism for me. It’s so nice to get over the pain of the sunburn.

The fact is that most people are just going to keep doing it every time they get back from the beach. It definitely doesn’t look good to walk everywhere with the stuff hanging off of you. It’s even worse when flakes rub off while I’m out having dinner. I just can’t stand to look at it, and I know you probably feel the exact same way. Its human-nature to clean off anything that looks unusual. We’ve always got to look our best.

What Should We Do To Prevent Infections?

You’re mom always told you to wash your hands all the time for a good reason. We both know that you’re going to pick your dry skin off, so you might as well keep your fingernails clean. Only do it after a shower. That way we can all keep our risks of infection down to a minimum. It doesn’t hurt to carry a bottle of hand sanitizer with you in your purse. The last thing I want is a rash where my satisfying peel used to be!

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