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The 7 Main Reasons of Dating Fails

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The 7 Main Reasons of Dating Fails

The 7 Main Reasons of Dating Fails

The dating game is full of subtle rules and nuances, and you struggle with finding the perfect date. You really want to enjoy yourself while meeting new people, but always find yourself committing some unknown offense during these interactions. Realize that the following attributes are death knells to any burgeoning relationship, and avoid them at all costs:

The 7 Main Reasons You Constantly Fail in Dating

Becoming Too Needy
One of the biggest turnoffs to new relationships is becoming much too needy. Demanding too much time from the other person, always wanting to be by her side, bringing up marriage and commitment too early, and calling or texting constantly will send any normal person flying for the hills. Give the other person plenty of space, and remind yourself that she has other friends and family members who enjoy her company too.

Talking Too Much
Sometimes individuals get nervous and react by talking way too much about themselves, their successes, and attributes. Be a good listener. Ask thoughtful and interesting questions of your date. Keep them open ended so he or she is the one who ends up telling you about themselves. You will be perceived as a great conversationalist even though you barely spoke.

Fixating On One Specific Type of Person
You may be a tall woman and be totally obsessed with finding that towering date who will make you feel small and protected. If a guy comes along who is a few inches shorter than you, are you going to throw him to the wolves? He may meet every other standard you have for men, so are you going to instantly and completely write him off? It is important to be flexible when dating. Not every person is going to fit your list of requirements. Look at what is inside the person instead of at the physical details. You can throw all of those heels out, or you can walk proud and tall in your stilettos next to a truly awesome guy.

Faking It
Acting like a person that you are really not will come out eventually, so don’t even go there. A shy quiet individual may put on a show of being outgoing and gregarious, but most will eventually see through this veneer. Always be yourself because you will not be able to put on this type of charade forever.

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Dating is difficult for many people as it is, so don’t make it even more of a challenge by engaging in any of the preceding actions. Be on your best behavior, but act naturally. Relax, have fun, and keep an open mind. Even if you don’t meet the love of your life, it is always great to have new friends and acquaintances to socialize and enjoy life with.

Yes, you may still be very nervous and find yourself gulping those cocktails down rather fast. Your date may not be comfortable with the number of drinks you are putting away, and you will be presenting a side of yourself that may not be accurate. Take a deep breath and drink plenty of water, even if it means numerous trips to the restroom. The same goes for food; if you are ravenously hungry before the big date, take a moment and snack on some peanuts or celery before you leave. Putting away enormous amounts of food, especially if you are a woman, can be a major deterrent to future dates.

Failing to be Punctual
Arriving very late sends a message to the person who is left waiting. You are basically telling that individual that he or she is not important enough for you to be punctual for your previously arranged meeting. Some think that arriving late makes them look important and in charge, but the opposite is actually true. It is always rude and thoughtless to expect a date to wait for a companion for any amount of time over a few minutes, unless there is an actual emergency.

Not Minding Your Manners
Another major turnoff to many individuals is dates who do not have any manners. Gentlemen, hold those doors and pull out those chairs. Your companions will be so impressed. Ladies, brush up on dining etiquette and learn how to use that silverware and hold that glass in the correct manner. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist look and act the parts of true ladies and gentlemen.

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