Exercises For Increasing Chest Mass and Decreasing Armpit Bulges

Exercises For Increasing Chest Mass and Decreasing Armpit Bulges

Exercises For Increasing Chest Mass and Decreasing Armpit Bulges

These 4 Exercises Will Help Strengthen Your Upper Body 

The goal here is to strengthen your chest with the bonus of increased upper body strength and potentially lifting up your breasts.

Wall Push-Up

Great for beginners or people with back issues. Wall push-ups will prime foundation strength for more advanced chest exercises. Start by standing in front of a bare wall, enough to safely lean into it, lift arms to shoulder height and place palms on wall slightly wider than shoulders. Back your feet away from the wall so that elbows are bent as you lean in. Inhale first and exhale as you push yourself off the wall with your hands. Inhale as you return to start position. Slowing the pace will increase the level of difficulty. Aim for 20 push-ups.

Hand Cup press 

An easy little move that will work your chest and biceps, this exercise is a favorite for many women. Stand straight with feet hip distance apart. Raise arms to shoulder level then cup your hands together in front of your chest, don’t interlace your fingers. Now, with hands cupped together press palms together- this will engage not only hand muscles but arms and pectoral chest muscles. Press for 30 seconds, stop, and reverse hands, and press again for another 30 seconds. Stop, shake out arms, and repeat move each way, two more times. This can also be done using a stabilizing ball.

Plank Pose

This wonderful exercise not only strengthens your chest but your abdomen, arms, and lower back. Start the plank pose on hands and knees – look like a table. Don’t let your chest sag down between your shoulders. Gaze between hands, tuck toes, and step back with your feet. Bring length of body and head into a straight line and hold this plank position for 60 seconds. To come out of pose, drop lightly to knees. Repeat two more times.

Diamond Push-Ups


Like a push-up but with increased difficulty, awesome move to increase chest muscle strength. Get into a push-up position on the floor. Make a diamond shape with your hands, thumbs and pointer fingers should be touching – thumbs pointing down towards toes, and fingers pointing away in other direction. Now, with hands forming diamond shape, slowly push up off floor as you would in any push-up. Aim to repeat five times.

Battle Of The Bulges, Armpit Bulges

Armpit flab is stubborn and embarrassing, even waving or raising your hand can cause discomfort and embarassment, sometimes making us self-conscious. Weight training and a cardio workout are the only ways to get rid of it.