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A Super Trick to Get Back to Sleep Fast

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A Super Trick to Get Back to Sleep Fast

Super Trick to Get A Good Night’s Sleep and Get Back to Sleep Fast

The basic needs for humans are air, food, water, and shelter; in addition we need a few other things to be a reasonably content human being, sleep is one of those things that tops the list. Many of us have difficulties falling asleep, this makes us unable to perform our duties properly at full efficiency, and can make us hard to live with! We have an easy technique that can help you get back to sleep and get decent sleep in hardly any time at all.

The trick is simple and you can do it without difficulty. It’s breathing. Breathing techniques affect every organ and system of your body. Breathing exercises or techniques serve two purposes:

1.       They calm our central nervous system
2.       They are like meditation which helps quiet the mind

It’s important to perform breathing techniques at bedtime when you are all set for sleep. Lie in your preferred sleeping position, try to avoid using more than one pillow as it can flex your neck and compress your chest. You can put one below the knees for your lower back if needed.  Place one hand on your chest and the other on your abdomen. Relax your entire body, your legs and arms should feel the gravity force (should be heavy against the mattress). Now you’re all set to try the techniques.

1.       Breathing & Relaxing
This technique enables you to contract and relax different muscle groups from head to toe. It works better when you lie on your back but if you feel uncomfortable or you have a nasal congestion problem you can lie on your side. Inhale through your nose and hold it while flexing your toes, then relax your toes and exhale through your mouth at the same time. Again inhale, this time flexing your feet. Hold your breath for 3 seconds then release both at the same time. Continue the process while moving to different body parts, calves, thighs, and so on.

inhale exhale

2.       Normal Breathing
This technique involves breathing normally and feeling the expansion and contraction of your lungs and stomach with each breath. Focus more on letting your stomach expand. Next, try only letting your chest expand and notice how your lungs feel. Repeat the process and feel your breaths. This will be good for your sleep and overall health.

3.       Pure breathing technique
This technique is very simple:
a)      Lie down on your back or preferred sleeping position.
b)      Inhale through your nose for a count of 3 seconds.
c)       Hold for 3 seconds and exhale slowly through nose for 6 seconds.
d)      Repeat the process until you fall asleep.

These techniques work for two reasons. First you will have to focus on your breathing and counting to make it work. Second, your body and mind will feel the instant effects that come with the shorter inhale and longer exhale technique. This leaves an instant physiological impact on your autonomic nervous system signaling muscles to relax, rate of heart to slow down, and cooling down your brain from active mode.

A Super Trick to Get Back to Sleep Fast

If you feel the holding ratio of 3:3 is uncomfortable for you, you can change the ratio. The most important thing is to keep your inhale shorter than your exhale. This technique is approved by both medical community and meditation practitioners.

For all insomniacs this is a great technique. You should find yourself asleep within 5-10 minutes.

tricks to Get Back to Sleep Fast

A Super Trick to Get Back to Sleep Fast
[Last Updated on June 2nd 2014]

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