Beauty Tips Using Vaseline

Beauty Tips Using Vaseline

Vaseline is a lot like baking soda; it’s cheap, plentiful, and has a variety of uses! Here are just a handful of the beauty benefits Vaseline can provide.


                     Helps remove eyelash glue, make-up, and hair-removal wax from skin – use a Q-tip for spot-removal

                     Lubricates the skin to help make plucking and earring insertion easy and nearly painless – make sure to rub it into the skin first

                     Mix it with sea salt to make an exfoliating and hydrating body wash

                     Next time you’re having trouble opening your nail polish, slick a little under the cap – this also helps keep the bottle clean

                     If you have a problem with split ends, rub a little between your palms & smooth over your hair, then brush. Your hair will be silky, shiny, and less frizzy to boot!

                     Use it to keep hair dye off your forehead, neck, and ears

                     The idea that Vaseline clogs pores is a myth – rub it anywhere you need moisture for a soft, long-lasting smooth feel. It’s also a brilliant after-shave lotion. Not to mention, it’s also good for dry elbows and cuticles

                     Apply some under your eye shadow for a glossy effect. Apply on the apples of your cheeks for a dewy glow. Mix with lipstick for a cream blusher. Put some in a small jar & mix in some Kool-Aid for a tinted & flavored lip balm

                     Rub in at your perfume points before spritzing your favorite scent to make it last longer

                     Before you go to sleep, lather over your eyelashes & they will lengthen and thicken – without a prescription or harsh chemicals!

                     Having trouble removing your lip stain? Apply Vaseline liberally to your lips, wait 5 minutes for it to soak into the skin, use a tissue or cloth to remove. Then apply lip balm to keep your lips soft & kissable.

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