5 Fixes for Your Negative Relationship Habits

5 Fixes for Your Negative Relationship Habits

5 Fixes for Your Negative Relationship Habits

The Fix: Relax your idea of “equal”. Nothing is equal all the time. Instead of keeping score, expand your vision to include the big picture. Your relationship should feel balanced over time. Looking at just right now can lead to resentment and can cause you to lose focus on what your relationship is really about.

4. You’re As Cold As Ice

The Habit: You hate confrontation but you’re mad as ever. Instead of sitting down to address the issue you decide to give the cold shoulder to your partner who may or may not know they did anything wrong.

The Result: There is never any resolution without communication. By not addressing the issue you simply add another layer of contention creating resentment, confusion and anger.

The Fix: Take a deep breath and talk to your partner. The only way to move past your relationship issues is to talk about them.

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5. Let It Go Already

The Habit: Every time you and your partner argue, you bring up issues from the past. Issues that should have been laid to rest a long time ago.

The Result: Everyone has past actions or behaviors they wish they could erase. By dredging them up your partner is left feeling condemned instead of forgiven. This creates guilt and resentment and can often lead to your partner leaving in an effort to escape the past and be able to live in the present.

The Fix: Make the effort to truly forgive. Only then will you both be able to move on. Your partner has chosen to live their present with you. Leave their past transgressions in the past and focus on your future together.

We all have habits that others may find challenging. The key is to understand that every relationship is as much about your intention as it is about their perception. Understanding how others perceive us can aide in avoiding bad relationship habits.