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You Won’t Believe It! The Cure for Pimples Has Been Waiting in Your Kitchen

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You Won’t Believe It! The Cure for Pimples Has Been Waiting in Your Kitchen


Garlic has been used since ancient Egypt for both cooking and medicine. It belongs to the onion family known as Allium and is related to leeks and onions. Ayurvedic healers in India have found garlic to be helpful in clearing up adult acne and acne scars. It’s a great cure for pimples. In addition to this, garlic has also been found to treat skin allergies and skin diseases.

You Won't Believe it! The Cure for Pimples Has Been Waiting in Your Kitchen

How Can Garlic Help Your Skin?

Acne occurs when your skin overproduces natural oils. Bacteria then builds up in your pores, causing a breakout or a blemish. A blackhead gets its dark color when the oil oxidizes in a pore. Researchers believe that garlic contains powerful antioxidants, even more than oranges. A 2009 article in Science Daily reported that the allicin in garlic decomposes into sulfenic acid, a powerful antibiotic. When applied topically to acne, the antioxidant and antibiotic properties of garlic may be able to dry up acne and can lighten acne scars as well. Some even claim that eating garlic or taking garlic supplements can eventually clear up breakouts from the inside out. Please note that some people with very sensitive skin have reported excessive drying of the skin or a burning sensation on their skin when using this cure. If this happens to you, discontinue use or dilute your garlic mixture.

How to Make a Topical Home Remedy with Garlic

One way to make a garlic skin treatment is to crush one garlic clove into a paste, then dilute it with half a cup of warm water. To use this cure, simply apply the mixture to your face with a clean cloth, then wash your face with a gentle cleanser. This mixture can also be used in other areas where acne occurs, such as the shoulders or back.




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Farah Dhukai, a beauty vlogger living in Ontario, has nearly one million YoutTube subscribers and more than half a million followers on Instagram. She claims that garlic “flattens” acne pimples. She even believes that garlic can lessen cystic acne. She recently posted photos of herself using her garlic remedy. She provides startling images of her chin to prove that garlic does work very well at clearing up her acne. In her “before” photo, Dhukai shows us a large whitehead on her chin. She then cuts a garlic clove in half with a knife and rubs the garlic directly onto the whitehead. She allows the juice to stay on the blemish overnight. In her “after” photo, all traces of the whitehead are gone. The blemish completely disappeared while she slept.



Ancient people have known for centuries that garlic may be able to lessen the appearance of acne or make acne blemishes disappear altogether. Recent studies support these claims as well. However, garlic can dry out sensitive skin. It is important to listen to your body whenever you try an at-home cure. It is also prudent to discuss any at-home cures with your physician or dermatologist.

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