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4 Things Happy People Do Before They Get Out of Bed Each Morning

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4 Things Happy People Do Before They Get Out of Bed Each Morning

4 Things Happy People Do Before They Get Out of Bed Each Morning

If your alarm clock buzzes and you rush to get ready for work, you might end up feeling stressed and hurried the remainder of your day. How you wake up is such an important part of the day, so just take an extra five minutes to begin your morning in a happier way with these four morning rituals.

4 Things Happy People Do Before They Get Out of Bed Each Morning

Say Thanks
How often do you take the time to consider all the blessings in your life? Take a moment to say a quiet thank you to the universe that surrounds you. Give thanks for the life you live, the moments you encounter and all the positive aspects of your life that you usually don’t consider. Say thank you for a dear friend, your spouse, your parents or your children, or anyone else who impacts your life in a remarkable way.

Give Your Day Direction
Set your intentions for the day rather than just going through the motions. If you could make it happen, what would you dream up for the day? See today as a whole new world, a clean slate that only you can determine what happens next. Sometimes our positive thoughts or planning can change the direction our day will go.

Flex Your Smile Muscles
It’s early and smiling is the easiest way to flex a muscle, but the benefits are astounding. Smiling reduces stress, blood pressure and it boosts the immune system. Smiling can relieve any negative thoughts or emotions because it’s increasing the flow of serotonin and endorphin chemicals into your brain. Showing that smile can do wonders in your morning ritual.

Let Yourself Off For Yesterday
Take a moment to forgive yourself for any mistakes you made yesterday. No one is perfect, and holding onto those misgivings will only pull you down. Acknowledge the event, action or maybe something you said, and then say, “I forgive myself.” If you’re carrying a grudge towards another, maybe take this chance to quietly forgive them as well. Removing those hard feelings will impact you in a more positive way than you may realize at the time.

Setting the tone for your day begins before you remove the sheets. Giving yourself a few minutes to go through these four things can greatly improve your mood and attitude throughout the day. Who knows… maybe you will even rub off on someone else.

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