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Why Being Single for a Long Time Makes Your Future Relationship Even Better

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Why Being Single for a Long Time Makes Your Future Relationship Even Better

Why Being Single for a Long Time Makes Your Future Relationship Even Better

Everyone wants to be in that loving relationship that has stood the test of time to have a life changing story to give. While that, may be the case only a few individuals get to experience this whether young or old. The concept of a relationship eludes most due to the expectations placed on one side. For the longest time, I imagined being in a relationship required my man to be a night and shining armor. My expectations included him automatically knowing what I need and when I need it. The truth of the matter is our partners are human, and there is only so much they can do despite the professed deep love for us. Understanding yourself first is the only way to be able to function in a relationship. Periods of singlehood can bring about the understanding.


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Getting into a relationship early in life means moving from being who your parents want you to be to being who you are with your partner. In trying to work a relationship, people end up bending over backwards to please each other. In most cases you end up being someone you are not. In the beginning, you think you are happy and content, but you are not. The reason you get dragged along is because you do not know what you like in the first place. Being single gives you an opportunity to understand better yourself. When you get into the next relationship, you can be sure of who you are.

After a long relationship, people develop co-dependence. The reason so many people stick to a bad relationship is the fear of being alone. Imagine you always had someone to go out with, having no one is scary. As difficult as it can be it is good to remain single after the end of a relationship so as to give yourself enough time to find the right person. The hurried relationships people get into after called rebounds never work simply because the person was a convenient stranger.

The longer one has been in a relationship, the longer it takes to move on. Being single gives you time to get over the heart break and baggage you carry. Getting into a relationship before complete healing brings with its past problems. You always tend to interpret what your current partner does to what the last one did. In the case of a situation of infidelity, your insecurities are projected to your current partner. Take time to be single, move on and you will be able to treat new people who come into your life as such.

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Ladies are always told to keep their checklist realistic when they are trying to find a partner. There is no problem having a checklist. One thing to ensure is that it is geared towards who you are and your preference. When you spend single time, understanding yourself, you are also able to know what you would want from a potential partner. As you become picky probably than before you will be looking to find someone compatible for a relationship that will work.

Personal growth and maturity are imperative in a relationship. Taking time to be single gives you time to mature. Most people would probably not agree to this, but some of the reasons that end relationships are due to immaturity. It happens mostly to young lovers. For those who started out very young, it is very crucial they take the time to grow for the sake of future relationships.

Staying single can be for the simple reason you are not ready. Waiting for the time you are ready to get back to the game promises some level of success in the relationships. Most people reason that starting relationships immediately some end is the only way to move on. It is a short term solution. Remember as said before you need to be able to exist by yourself before you commit to other people.

Staying single may not assure a 100 percent success in finding the one, but with growth, you cannot make the same mistakes made earlier. I may not have yet have found the one, but I am more realistic in my expectations when it comes to my partners.

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