10 Ways to Know if You’ve Met Your Perfect Match

10 Ways to Know if You've Met Your Perfect Match

10 Ways to Know if You’ve Met Your Perfect Match

We all want to find that one special someone. Dating in the modern world is a confusing journey with so many choices. No matter if you are trying out online dating for the first time or trying to meet someone off of a social network, the same confusion about identifying if you’ve really met your match has never changed despite all the new technology.

When it comes down to spending time together and everyone is off of the computer and in the real world, there are a few indicators that your love might be the love of your life. Not all will ring true for every couple, but if you can identify a few of the following traits in your relationship, it might prove that you’re starting a relationship with your perfect match.

Completing Each Others Sentences

When you can finish a sentence that your partner started, it can prove a few things. Either you’ve spent an exceptional amount of time together (which indicates a strong bond), or you have a natural interest in the same things and are on the same wavelength about many important issues in your lives. Agreeing doesn’t mean you both have the same exact outlook on life. Differences are important and beneficial in the longevity of your relationship.

Caring to Check in about Plans

Within a healthy relationship you’ll have plans together, and plans with your own sets of friends and family. This makes it even more important to check in if there’s something you’d love to do with your partner. It shows that you care about their own personal schedule enough to try to plan things together, and that you’ll understand if the timing doesn’t work out.

Proud to Introduce your Partner

We’ve all had relationships wherein our partner didn’t seem to be the best fit for us, and introducing them to friends of family seemed like more trouble than it was worth. Once you meet your match, you’ll be proud that they’re on your arm, and you won’t be able to wait to introduce them to your inner circle. You might get a little teasing from friends or family once they see how excited you are, but you won’t care as long as they like them as much as you do.

Liking Friends and Family

Its essential for a lasting relationship that you understand where your partner came from, and meeting their friends and family can be a big part of that. So it can be such a relief and a very positive sign when you meet the important members of their life and are pleasantly surprised to like them immensely. You don’t need to want to spend the rest of your life with their family, you just need to be ok with spending some significant quality time with their circle if you want to spend time with your match.