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How She Used The Simplest Trick To Quit Sugar and Lose Weight!

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How She Used The Simplest Trick To Quit Sugar and Lose Weight!

How She Used The Simplest Trick To Quit Sugar and Lose Weight!

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Mary hit the milestone of 40 and congratulated herself for making it that far in life with all systems on go until things started to go downhill. She didn’t sign up for the changes that hit as menopause started rearing it’s head.

How This Lady Used Coconut To Quit Sugar

As a woman, she’d been at the mercy of her hormones since her early teen years. She made it through her childbearing years without mishap. Mary’s body still looked good and she was active, but the fluctuations that come with the shutdown of her reproduction system changed everything. Her metabolism slowed and she put on weight. Night sweats and hot flashes made for a good dose of insomnia. Mary’s moods were like a roller coaster. She couldn’t stand herself. She decided it was time to make a change and begin by trying a diet revolution. Mary vowed to kick her sugar habit and see where that road would take her.

Sugar: More of an Enemy than You Know

Mary knew her issues were hormonal, but wasn’t ready to go the route of medicine to treat the root of her problems. She wanted to go with natural methods and see if she could take control of her body once and for all. Besides changing up her exercise routine and doing relaxation techniques to sleep better, Mary tackled her diet. Cutting out sugar seemed to be as good of a place to start as any. She did her homework and found out some alarming tidbits about sugar that she never knew.

According to Zen Habits, sugar has many destructive tendencies that do long-term damage to the body if you don’t watch your intake. It makes your body store more fat. Sugar also changes the way your brain patterns work by making you experience depression, anxiety, and mood swings. Keep your body on sugar overload and you have a recipe for premature aging, putting yourself at a greater risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and other life-threatening conditions. Once Mary found out the ugly truth about sugar, she decided she needed to curb her sweet tooth. It might not solve her menopausal problems, but it certainly couldn’t hurt either.

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Winning the War Against Sugar with Coconut

A little more digging online and Mary discovered a goldmine of information about coconut as a natural solution and substitute for her sugar habit. Mind Body Green pointed her in the right direction with several helpful ways to use coconut, coconut water, and coconut oil to kill her cravings for sugar, allowing her body to benefit in the process.

The oil in coconuts contains medium-chain fatty acids, providing a source of healthy fats that can also be converted into a ready source of energy instead of turning into more fat. Coconut oil doesn’t make your glucose levels skyrocket so you’ll get energy without the crash and a dose of sweetness as well. Best of all, there are so many ways to bring sugar into your diet and kiss sugar goodbye. Mary found a few that have become a part of her daily regimen.

Pour a Cold Glass of Coconut Water

The supermarket is flooded with options when it comes to coconut water. Mary experimented with several and find that organic brands without any extras are the best for her.

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She also likes to crack open a few coconuts to pour the liquid into a glass. She lets it chill and enjoys it later. It’s mildly sweet, refreshing, and gives her body the hydration it needs. Coconut water is also an excellent source of electrolytes.

Spice Up Smoothies with a Dash of Coconut

Smoothies were already a mainstay in Mary’s diet. She decided to cut out the milk that she’d been adding to her healthy blend of fruits and replaced it with coconut water. A tablespoon of coconut oil is another good addition to the recipe.

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Have Coconut Oil for a Snack

Coconut oil is creamy, sweet, and filling. When Mary is trying to make it until dinner without breaking out the cookies or junk, she eats a tablespoon of coconut oil and her sweet tooth is happy.

Bake with Coconut Oil

Mary has discovered that coconut oil is a great substitute for baking. It means less sugar and other forms of oil in my baked goods. She can still get that sweetness that she loves, but her recipes are better for her.

Since Mary broke away from sugar and made coconut oil her best friend, her body has thanked her. She has more energy now and her moods are on an even keel. She has trimmed off some extra pounds and doesn’t have as many aches as she used to. Menopause is still at work, changing her system, but it’s manageable. By taking charge of her sugar intake, Mary has taken a step in the right direction with her health and it feels good.


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