Know the Root of Your Genital Itching and How to Deal With It

Know the Root of Your Genital Itching and How to Deal With It

We’ve all been in that embarrassing position. You’re standing in a public area, perhaps the grocery store or a restaurant, when you feel the sudden urge to scratch. However, this sensation comes from beneath the underwear. While some may find humor in this predicament, it’s important to understand the root of your problem. Genital itching can stem from a variety of underlying issues, and some of them require quick medical attention. By better understanding your situation, you can relieve the itch and fix what’s wrong.

Genital Itching and How to Deal With It


Approximately 16 percent of people ages 14 to 49 have been diagnosed with genital herpes, and more remain undiagnosed. The virus can be transmitted through saliva, semen, and vaginal fluids. If your itching also involves blisters, headache, and inflammation, you may have herpes. It’s especially important for women who plan to become pregnant to get to the bottom of this situation as babies born with herpes can have various problems including:

  • Blindness
  • Brain damage
  • Death

If this is the cause behind itching, there are various medications your doctor can prescribe. You can also use mild cleansers while bathing and wear loose cotton clothing to remain as comfortable as possible.

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The National Health Service UK has reported that around one in 20 males suffer with this problem, and it’s accompanied with itching and swelling of the foreskin or head of the male genital organ. Common in the uncircumcised, balantis can become painful.

Fortunately, it’s not difficult to get to the bottom of this issue as it’s primarily caused by poor hygiene. If you have noticed these symptoms, some measures you can take to calm the symptoms include:

  • Taking time to ensure you wash all the soap from genitals while bathing
  • Avoiding scented and bar soaps
  • Avoiding scented lotions and sprays

Yeast Infection

It’s estimated that 75 percent of women will have a yeast infection at some point in their lives, and 50 percent will have more than one. While they can occur on any part of the body, we typically associate them with the female genital area. This is because of the warm, moist breeding grounds this area provides. Itching and overall soreness in the affected area are common signs a problem exists as well as painful closeness and urination.