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All You Need to Know About Testosterone Injections

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Testosterone is a sex hormone that naturally occurs and produced in the testicles of a man. It does a lot for males other than facilitating a healthy sex drive. Little amounts of testosterone are also produced in the adrenal system and the ovaries of women. The hormone affects other factors in your body such as muscle mass, red blood cells count, bone density, and mood. Testosterone injections are done when there is insufficient testosterone in the body. They are intended to treat conditions caused by lack of this hormone in men such as impotence, delayed puberty, and hormonal imbalances. Testosterone injections can also be used to treat breast cancer in women especially if cancer has affected and spread to other body parts.

All You Need to Know About Testosterone Injections

How long do the testosterone injections take to work?

This is the most frequently asked question by patients on how long to wait before feeling well after they have testosterone injections. There is no precise answer to this. Ensuring that your injection treatment is supervised medically by a specialist who understands the side effects well and being regular in the treatment can play a big role on how quickly you can get well. In addition, we are all different from one another and our responses too.

However, the majority of patients experience significant improvement within 5-7 weeks. For symptoms such as low libido and lack of sleep, the response may be sooner. On the other hand, factors such as chronic illnesses, obesity, and medications can make your response slower.

How to administer testosterone injection

The normal levels of testosterone are between 300 and 1,000 ng/dL. If a blood test shows that the levels are below the normal, the doctor can suggest testosterone injections. The injections are the most given among the testosterone therapies that are there. It is also called testosterone replacement therapy. The site for the injection is on the gluteal muscles in the buttocks. When you are allowed by the doctor to self-administer, the injection site is your thigh muscles.

Naturally, men start dropping the level of their testosterone hormone when they attain the ages of the 30s and 40s.

A rapid decrease in this hormone levels shows a problem called low testosterone (LT). The common symptoms of this condition are weight gain, low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, depression, change in sex drive, and hot flashes.

Advantages of testosterone injections

There are many advantages of testosterone injection therapy that you may not be aware of. The majority of people are only aware that the injection of testosterone benefits sex drive and energy levels. But there are wide of variety of body parts that also benefit. Here are such parts of the body

Reduces the fat in the body

Testosterone injection decreases the level of fats in the body. Naturally, as we age, the levels of fats also go high. Low testosterone can worsen this issue. A weekly injection to patients enables them to lose the visceral fat found around the stomach.

Enhances the health of bones

With age, the bone density decreases. Studies show that injection of testosterone enhances the density of bones as well as remodels them.

Improves the health of the heart

Many studies have been conducted on the impacts of testosterone on the heart. A sample of about 6300 patients showed that there was a protective effect on the heart.

Increases the health of muscles

A study found out that testosterone therapy increased the mass of muscles. The study on about 75 old men found a slight increase to lean mass of muscle on men undergoing testosterone therapy as compared to a certain control group. If done with some exercise training, it can give faster results.

The disadvantages of testosterone injections

There are various health risks that are associated with testosterone replacement therapy. Advanced clinical trials have not yet been done and therefore experts emphasize that the risks are yet known. However, they believe that the testosterone therapy can worsen the following conditions

Prostate cancer

Testosterone can fuel the growth of prostate cancer. Screening for prostate cancer is recommended before testosterone injections. It is advisable for men with prostate cancer to avoid this therapy.

Benign prostatic hypertrophy

Naturally, the prostate grows under the stimulation of testosterone. For most men, their prostate enlarges as they become older, squeezing the urethra. This complicates urinating. The condition can be worsened by testosterone injections.

Blood clots

It is always required that testosterone therapy products carry a warning about the blood risk clots in veins. This could raise the risk of pulmonary embolism polycythemia, and vein thrombosis.

Sleep apnea

It is a condition that is hard to detect by yourself but you sleeping partner can tell. It is marked by shortness of breath while asleep.

Congestive heart failure

The condition can be significantly worsened by testosterone replacement therapy. Men with severe congestive heart failure should avoid testosterone injections.


If you are diagnosed with low testosterone, these injections can be helpful. You can talk to your doctor if you wonder whether these injections will be a good choice for you. There are different testosterone injection products that you can purchase from each brand’s official website. If your level of testosterone does not go up, you should know that regular exercise and good nutrition can help you feel better.

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