Have A Desk Job? Take These Actions NOW To Save Your Health

Have A Desk Job? Take These Actions NOW To Save Your Health

At least several times per hour, breathe deeply and intentionally. Hold your breath in for five to ten seconds, then slowly release. You can also raise your arms over your head as you do this to increase lung expansion. This will help you stay relaxed and energized.

Six: Use an alarm

Set the alarm on your phone or computer to hour intervals, reminding you to go take a lap or two around the office. It is too easy to get caught up in your workflow and forget to move around.

Seven: Don’t forget to blink!

Staring at a computer screen for long periods of time has been shown to increase eye strain and cause you to blink less often. Consciously blinking your eyes every so often will keep them from becoming dry and tired.

Eight: Consider a stand-up desk

The health risks of prolonged sitting have been well-documented. Think about investing in a workstation where you stand rather than sit. Physiologically, our bodies were not designed for prolonged sitting to begin with. So being able to stand for most of the day will eliminate the dangers associated with eight or more hours or sitting.

Those are the main issues with sitting, as well as ways to ease, if not entirely eliminate them. Lots of sitting will shorten and atrophy the muscles of the lower body, so it is imperative that you find a way to at least minimize that from occurring. Practice these daily changes, and remember to use your alarm as a reminder. Eventually, these will become habits.