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10 Most Filling Foods that are Calorie Light

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10 Most Filling Foods that are Calorie Light

So you’re hungry, really hungry, but you had something extra today already or you don’t feel up to a workout so you are looking for something that will fill your belly, without a ton of calories. How about a cup of soup for 50 calories? You can eat 3 cups of popcorn for a total of 93 calories! A small piece of roast beef or steak comes in at about 160 calories and is very satisfying, place it on a slice of whole-grain bread for about 50 more, throw on some veggies and spicy mustard and you have a very satisfying mini-meal for about 200 calories that contain satisfying protein and fiber. This poster comes in handy for those days. Filling foods on a calorie budget, yay!!

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