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4 Magic Moves For Strong And VERY Attractive Glutes

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4 Magic Moves For Strong And VERY Attractive Glutes

4 Magic Moves For Strong And VERY Attractive Glutes

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Your glutes are in a critical area of your body that connects your back to your legs. Having strong muscles in this area promotes stamina and stability, so it’s essential to properly work out these muscles. With that in mind, here are four great moves that can do just that. It’s important that you perform them the correct way so that they’re as effective, comfortable, and safe as possible.


Follow these instructions to do the four moves properly.

1. Glute lift with ball


This first exercise work outs the muscles in your glutes and hamstrings. To do it, first stand diagonal to a sturdy chair that has a high back. Place your forearm on the chair, and lift your outside leg. You can place a ball behind your knee, although that’s not mandatory. Place your outside hand on your supporting thigh. Then lift up your leg in a short motion, and place it back down.

2. The Elvis move


You’ll look a little like the famed Elvis when you do this move, which works out the muscles in your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. First stand facing a chair with your knees bent slightly. Then open and close your knees. To make this move more rigorous, move your body down then up.

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3. Side knee to chest


This simple move works out your glutes. Start off by kneeling on your side with your top leg stretched out, and touch the floor. At the same time place your supported hand directly under your shoulder, and have your top hand resting behind your head. Lift your leg to hip height, and bend your knee toward your chest. Bring your elbow to meet that. Extend your leg back out, and lower it. Repeat this move again.

4. Leaning knee lift


The fourth move tones your glutes. First, sit in a Z position, with one leg bent in front of you and one leg bent in back of you. Place a ball or folded towel under your ankle. Place your hands in front of your body, and bend your body forward from your hips. Then lift your knee up, then down while gently pressing your ankle into the towel or ball.

These exercises are really powerful at toning your glutes and making the entire surrounding area of your body work better and be stronger. If you’re just getting started, go slowly to avoid overexertion.

As is the case with every exercise program, get your health practitioner’s approval before beginning these exercises. And then, ready, set – and go get fit and healthy! You’re going to love how these exercises make you look and feel.


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