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How To Tell If Someone Is Watching You Behind The Mirror

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How To Tell If Someone Is Watching You Behind The Mirror

How To Tell If Someone Is Watching You Behind The Mirror

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Modern science has provided many wonderful inventions that make life easier for everybody. At the same time, it has also provided many surveillance tools. While many of these are used properly and responsibly, there is a constant drizzle of stories that expose abuse of surveillance devices such as two way mirrors and security cameras. Most people that use these intend only to protect themselves or others, but the small minority that illegally -and unethically- use them to intrude on the privacy of others make it essential for people to know how to detect them.


This article will take a closer look at this subject, and educate readers on how to uncover them. It will do so by answering some questions that are relevant to the subject. These questions include; just what are two way mirrors, and how do they work? What are some easy ways to detect the presence of these devices? And, what are some ways to discover the presence of hidden cameras? Let’s answer these questions.


Two way mirrors are known by some as one way mirrors, and have been around for a very long time. For those new to the subject, they are specially made mirrors that allow people on one side of the glass to see clearly through, while presenting a mirror image to those on the other side. This effectively allows people on the non-reflective side to secretly watch other people.

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While they may seem complicated at first glance, they are anything but. Regular mirrors work because a heavy layer of a reflective metallic substance is thickly layered on the back of a pane of glass, and usually covered with another coat of paint. This prevents all light from penetrating to the other side, and provides an excellent reflection on the other.

Two way mirrors differ in some important ways. For one thing, the reflective coating is placed on the front of the pane of glass. In addition to this, the coating is applied in a very thin layer, and this allows a lot of light to penetrate through to the other side. Finally, there is no paint on the back, and this allows people on this side to see the other side clearly.

In most cases, the room on the mirrored side of the glass needs to be brightly lit, while the room on the other side needs to be very dim. Since almost no light is making it through from the observer’s side, they are effectively hidden behind a mirror.


* Darken the room on the mirrored side. This equalizes light levels and usually exposes the deception.

* Shine a bright light on the mirrored end. This often reveals the hidden room.

* Cup the hands around the face, and press the face against the glass. This cuts the light level, and makes it easy to see through.

* Knock on the glass. Two way mirrors are often installed flush with the wall, and will sound very hollow.

* Touch it. Since the silvering is on the front side, the finger and it’s reflection will touch.


Hidden cameras can be very small nowadays, and can be quite hard to find as a result. That said, most modern cameras operate on wireless frequencies, and there are several apps on the market that claim to be able to identify the frequencies, and thus reveal the presence of hidden cameras.

In general, these devices are legal in public places and spaces, as well as many high security areas. They are generally not allowed in protected areas such as restrooms and showers.

Personal privacy has become harder to find in the modern world. The good news is, those who apply the information found on this page will have a much easier time protecting their own.


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