Sculpt Your Best Back With These Expert Tips And Techniques!

Sculpt Your Best Back With These Expert Tips And Techniques!

Sculpting the perfect back can be difficult, but it is possible to target specific areas of your back to create an impressive physique. It’s important to learn about the muscle groups you are toning and proper workout techniques.

Sculpt Your Best Back with These Expert Tips and Techniques!

A toned upper back gives you a great, thick look. It is comprised of the Infraspinatus muscle and the Teres Major and Minor. These attach to the scapula and help you move your shoulder joints. Bridging the upper and lower back is the trapezius, which runs from the top of the neck to the lower back.

The lower back is comprised of the erector spine and includes oblique and abdominal muscles. A strong lower back looks great and lessens back aches and pains.

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Every muscle in your back is significant. You must be aware of exercising each muscle to achieve the results your desired look.

In this video, the confident and enthusiastic host of Six Pack Shortcuts describes the best ways to sculpt your best back and demonstrates techniques to target both you’re lower and your upper back muscles to achieve the look and strength you want.