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Brittle Hair or Nails? Headaches or Cramps? You Likely Have THIS Deficiency

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Brittle Hair or Nails? Headaches or Cramps? You Likely Have THIS Deficiency

Do You Have Dry Skin? Are You Losing Your Hair? Find Out Which Vitamins You Are MISSING!

Weak hair, nails, and dry skin is not only a pain to deal with, but it can also leave you looking tired, disheveled, and dull. These are most commonly symptoms of nutrient deficiency, and a simple change in diet can restore the glow to your skin and the shimmer to your hair. Here are some of the top vitamins to boost hair, nail, and skin regeneration.

Cracked Lips

Everybody suffers from dry lips from time to time, but if your lips are perpetually cracked, no matter the amount of chap stick you apply, the issue could be related to a nutrient deficiency. Being deficient in iron, zinc, and vitamins B3, B2, and B12 can all lead to cracked lips. Vegetarians and vegans are at a particular risk, given natural B12 can only be found in animal products.

However, nutritional yeast is a vegetarian supplement that offers a nice, cheesy flavor to dishes, and it is packed with B12. Leafy greens provide an excellent source of iron, and wheat germ brimming with zinc. For B3 and B2, peanuts and almonds are excellent vegetarian options. For meat eaters, fish provides the ideal source of B12, as does yoghurt and chicken. Chicken is also a fantastic source of iron, which leads to stronger, healthier skin. Some chap sticks are also enriched with vitamin E and zinc, providing you with added protection from chapping.

Rashes on Skin

Nutritional deficiency can lead to poor skin, resulting in increased itching and rashes. Protein is necessary for skin regeneration, as is glucose. Beans provide an excellent source of both, allowing you to regenerate your skin and eliminate itchy rashes. Vitamin A is also conducive to healthy skin. The orange foods, such as carrots and sweet potatoes, are high in Vitamin A and can restore the glow to your cheeks. A study conducted by Oregon State University found that rats experienced increased hair loss and skin irritation when their diets were deficient in Vitamin A, and when supplemented with vitamin A, their skin and hair became healthier. Vitamin E oil can also promote skin health. When applied topically, it nourishes, moisturizes, and rejuvenates skin cells, giving you a healthy glow.

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Hair Loss

Much like rashes, hair loss occurs when the body is deficient in protein. Protein serves as the building blocks to form healthy hair. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids can also promote hair growth and add a sheen to your locks. Salmon is an excellent source of both protein and omega fatty acids, making it the ideal food for those struggling with weak and brittle hair. For vegetarians and vegans, flaxseeds and chia seeds provide ample protein and essential fatty acids. There are also flaxseed oil supplements that can boost the omega fatty acids in your diet and leave your hair looking sleek and strong.

Skin Discoloration

Nutrient deficiency and hormonal imbalance can both lead to discoloration of the skin, leaving the skin patchy, red, and prone to acne. Vitamins A and E, essential fatty acids, iron, and antioxidants can all promote skin health and leave you with smooth, beautiful skin. Avocados, carrot juice, fatty fish, flaxseed oil, leafy greens, and sweet potatoes are all ideal food choices for an even skin tone.

Numbness in Extremities

There are a lot of things that can lead to numbness in the extremities. If you’re experiencing numbness in your hands and feet, it could be caused by nerve damage, often called neuropathy. According to Medscape, there have been numerous studies indicating a link between nerve damage and nutritional deficiency. There has been a particularly strong link between vitamin B12 deficiency and nerve damage. Vitamin B12 is necessary to promote strong skin and hair, as well as to promote bone health and prevent cancer. It can also help with tingling in hands and feet because it rejuvenates nerve tissue and promotes the circulation of blood.

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Muscle Cramping and Pain

Muscle cramping is a common phenomenon, and it is one that is highly treatable. Muscle cramping and spasms are often caused by a potassium deficiency. Potassium helps transmit nerves that enable normal muscle contractions, and when the body is deficient, the muscles can cramp, twitch and spasm. Potatoes, bananas, and coconut water are all fantastic sources of potassium. However, many people fail to get the potassium they need every day, even when their diets are filled with potassium-rich foods. If you find yourself unable to achieve your potassium needs each day, consider taking a potassium supplement.

Without ample nutrients, the hair, skin, and nails all suffer. The tissues in our bodies rely on protein, iron, zinc, and a variety of vitamins in order to grow strong and healthy. Fortunately, dry skin needn’t have you rushing to a doctor for advice. With a healthy, nutritious, and balanced diet, you can restore the health of your skin and nails, and enjoy glowing, vibrant skin.

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