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See How She Cured Her Foot Problem With Listerine Bath

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See How She Cured Her Foot Problem With Listerine Bath

See How She Cured Her Foot Problem With Listerine Bath

Feet take a beating every day and, therefore, deserve a little pampering in return. Anyone who has suffered from cracked heels, toenail fungus, or just run of the mill dry skin knows these are persistent and embarrassing problems. In the past, they have also been difficult to treat. A simple at a home cure is now giving hope to sufferers everywhere, and it uses ingredients most people already have in their house: Listerine and vinegar.

See How She Cured Her Foot Problem With Listerine Bath

Adding these two ingredients to hot water creates a soothing foot soak that has proven extremely effective in treating various skin and nail conditions. The vinegar is antibacterial and acidic, helping to soften the skin while killing bacteria. Listerine is equally helpful. It is an antiseptic and an antifungal, making it particularly useful for treating toenail fungus. After soaking feet for as little as 15 minutes, the skin will be softened, cracks will be less painful, and dead skin and calluses will easily scrub off. The fungus may take more persistent treatment, but using this soak at least weekly will steadily improve existing infections while preventing future ones.

Unlike many other treatments, this simple soak is inexpensive and relaxing. Not only will it improve foot health, it is also an opportunity to relax for a few minutes at the end of a hectic day. It is a safe and simple alternative to expensive creams and medicines.

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