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Use THIS Ginger Compress To Reduce Your Waist Naturally

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Use THIS Ginger Compress To Reduce Your Waist Naturally

Use THIS Ginger Compress To Reduce Your Waist Naturally

Fresh ginger is packed with antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties which help the body flush away toxins and jump start fat burning activity when applied topically. Make an easy ginger compress at home in just minutes using freshly grated ginger. If fresh ginger is not available, substitute dried or powdered ginger. The heat activity of the ginger compress is useful for the stimulation of tissue circulation and can help dissolve fat that has accumulated in areas of the body.


A compress is a cloth soaked in a tea and then applied to the body. To make a ginger compress, bring a large pot of water to boil. Grate half a cup of fresh ginger. When the water reaches a boil, reduce the heat and place the grated ginger onto a square of cotton cloth or a large square of sterile gauze. Tie the ginger with a string to form a tea bag. Soak the ginger teabag in the hot water, not quite boiling, for five minutes.

Apply Ginger Compress to the Body

To use, place a washcloth into the ginger water and apply to the body. Let cool slightly before applying to skin. Place another towel over the compress to help hold the heat in. Change the cloth every few minutes as it cools off. Use at least two towels and alternate soaking one cloth while using the other cloth on the body. Resoak the towel and repeat the process several times.

Skin will appear very flushed during and after the ginger compress application.
Ginger water should be used within two to three hours of preparation for maximum effectiveness. Prepare a fresh solution of ginger water for each treatment. Use this method two to three times per week until you achieve your desired level of fat burning. Discontinue use if side effects occur.

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Use a hot ginger compress to melt away stubborn areas of body fat. The ginger stimulates the body’s circulation and improves overall energy flow. Fresh ginger works best. For additional warmth, try adding ground cinnamon. You can also combine gentle massage with the ginger compress. The deep heat of the ginger when combined with massage allows the ginger to be readily absorbed.


  • Never apply a ginger compress on a baby or very elderly person.
  • Never apply with a high fever present.
  • Never apply on the lower abdominal area of a pregnant woman.

Effective Fat Burning Naturally

Use this method of applying ginger compresses to effectively rid the body of unwanted accumulated fat cells. Ginger is a powerful natural healer that was first discovered in southeast Asia thousands of years ago. Ginger is no longer considered to be exclusively for Asian dishes. It has crossed over into mainstream use. Ginger root can be found in most natural food stores and traditional grocery stores today. Pick up some ginger and start to transform your body and your health today.

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