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If You Have The Cavity Between Your Nose And Upper Lip, Here’s What it Means

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If You Have The Cavity Between Your Nose And Upper Lip, Here’s What it Means

If You Have The Cavity Between Your Nose And Upper Lip, Here’s What it Means

The vertical cavity between the nose and upper lip, also known as the philtrum, is where the face forms together in the womb. This happens while a fetus is 2-3 months old, and if it has not happened by that time, it most likely never will. Different races have deeper or more shallow cavities, which then determines the shape of the lips.

Cavity Between Your Nose

According to the FAS Diagnostic and Prevention Network, there is a guide used by medical professionals to measure the philtrum. Typically, the deeper the philtrum is, the larger the upper lip is as well.

Kean University shows us that the philtrum is considered to be part of the nose. It is a part of the external nose. Everybody has this part on their face, but with varying degrees on the depth.

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This is the center point where the face comes together, so it is formed when the face is formed. If a face is to fit together as a puzzle, the three main parts of the puzzle come together at this philtrum area in order to form the entire face.

The human philtrum has no clear function. This may be due to the fact that humans rely more on their vision than on their sense of smell. As the philtrum works to keep a wet nose pad for other species in order to increase their sense of smell, humans do not need that.

If you have this cavity, it means you are simply human! The depth of it, however, can determine how other facial features appear.

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