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Make Your Body Fight Against Cancer And Many Other Diseases By Drinking THIS Alkaline Beverage

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Make Your Body Fight Against Cancer And Many Other Diseases By Drinking THIS Alkaline Beverage

Make Your Body Fight Against Cancer And Many Other Diseases By Drinking THIS Alkaline Beverage

Did you know that the recommended pH level for the average person is seven? Many are unaware of the significance behind acid and alkaline levels. This is quite frightening due to how many health complications can arise from imbalanced pH levels. From mild to moderate problems like fatigue and acid reflux, to even scarier conditions such as cancer and diabetes, a high acidic level can contribute to all of these conditions and more.


These ailments initially start to develop when a person’s body sends out toxins into the blood stream as a defense mechanism against high acidity. These toxins often get into surrounding blood cells, depriving them of oxygen and causing them to become malignant. These damaged cells are often what lead to a number of frightening conditions, a primary one being cancer. Luckily, by creating your own alkaline beverage at home, you can reduce your risk for these diagnoses dramatically.

How to Make and Consume Your Own Alkaline Beverage

It is best to create your alkaline beverage the night before you intend on drinking it. This s because it is recommended that the ingredients sit for about eight hours at room temperature. Once you wake up in the morning, it will be all set to drink! It’s best to drink the finished alkaline beverage immediately after you awaken, due to your body typically being dehydrated by up to 16 ounces at this time. Another reason why it is advised to drink the beverage first thing in the morning is because it works best when digested on an empty stomach.

What You Will Need:

  • 1 tbsp of Himalayan salt
  • 1 organic lemon (cut into eighths)
  • 2 liters of purified water
  • 1 big glass jar or pitcher

All you have to do is sprinkle the Himalayan salt into the purified water and put the freshly-cut lemon slices into the jar without squeezing them. It is advised to use an osmosis filter if possible for optimal results, but if one is not available, then almost any at-home purification system will do. It is also highly recommended to use a glass jar or pitcher in place of a plastic one due to the toxic chemicals that plastic products often omit.

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What to Expect After Drinking Your Alkaline Beverage

Although some of the health benefits may take a time to appear, there are many ways that you will feel instantaneously better after consuming the alkaline beverage. Some individuals find that they are much more alert and less fatigued once they’ve started drinking it. Others have reported that their acid reflux disappeared and that they experience much more stabilized blood pressure and blood sugar readings. While you start to feel these immediate benefits, your immune system is becoming stronger and stronger, greatly reducing the risk of cancer and other serious ailments.

The preparation process that goes along with this alkaline beverage is both convenient and quick to partake in. Storing it in your kitchen and consuming three glasses a day will allow you to start reaping all of it’s magnificent benefits. Even by simply replacing your tap water intake with this all-natural beverage, you are sure to start feeling more healthy and balanced in no time!

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