The Way You Sit On The Toilet Tells A Lot About Your Personality

The Way You Sit On The Toilet Tells A Lot About Your Personality

When you need to use the facilities, it doesn’t matter if you refer to your bathroom as your private sanctuary or if you simply need to go and sit on the throne. The way you sit on the toilet says a lot about your personality.

Way You Sit On The Toilet Tells A Lot About Your Personality

Position One


You are a level-headed person and everything seems to be going according to plan. You are at ease here and feel good.

Position Two


Possibly you are a thrill seeker, but this could only happen if you were trapped in a really dark room and unable to determine which way is up. If you find yourself in this predicament, remember you were born with the sense of touch.

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Position Three


If you can relate to this one, you may be a computer nerd and neat freak. Maybe you need to relax a bit and realize it’s okay to sit down.

Position Four


You are a deep person who is likely to become engrossed in anything you do. In this situation, it might be better to stay at arm’s length.

Position Five


You have a good sense of direction and know where you want to go in life. You are a thinker.

Position Six


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You are a free spirit and while it’s impressive that you can balance on virtually any surface, this may not be the appropriate time. Maybe you should wait until you are finished to practice yoga.

At this point, you might be trying to figure out which category you fall under. Although I’m not an expert, if you happen to fall under number one, I think you can breathe easy. On the other hand, if you see yourself anywhere after number one and reside in a house with running water and appropriate facilities, you might need to think rethink your strategy the net time you hear nature calling.