How Your “First Time” Affects Your Future Relationships

How Your "First Time" Affects Your Future Relationships

How Your “First Time” Affects Your Future Relationships

Human development is a complex field that we are only just beginning to understand. One of the most debated questions when it comes to physical relationships is whether the age of your first romantic physical experience actually does impact your future relationships. Studies conducted by many prestigious universities show that, yes, the age in which you begin a physical romance does make a difference.

How Your %22First Time%22 Affects Your Future Relationships

Early Experiences

Early experiences of physical encounters are categorized as those that occur before 15 years of age. A study shows that most of these cases occur in lower income households. People who have physical encounters before age 15 tend to have more relationships when they become adults. These relationships tend to be less stable, lasting less amount of time. If they get married, there is a greater chance of dissatisfaction with their partner. This could be because they have not developed the right interpersonal skills and how to communicate in a relationship.

Along with the likelihood of having more relationships in the future, people who fit into this category are more likely to have children sooner. This means many times that women in this bracket are not able to get higher education and therefore might not have the best jobs when they reach adulthood. These low income families tend to have more children, too, who are more likely to engage in physical romantic activity earlier. This creates a cycle that is hard to break.

Normal Experiences

First love experiences categorized as on time or normal, are those that happen between 16 and 19. The studies focused on this field of human $e*uality do not show much difference between people who engage in a physical romance at this stage and those that do so earlier. There are similar rates for both, including having larger quantities of relationships in adulthood and being more likely to have a negative marriage experience. Those who are older, having their first physical encounter at 19, tend to be better at choosing future partners than those who are 16 or 17.

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