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Wanna Know How He Really Feels About You? Look For THESE

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Wanna Know How He Really Feels About You? Look For THESE

Wanna Know How He Really Feels About You? Look For THESE 

The worst feeling in the world is having feelings for someone without being sure about whether or not they feel the same way back. Sometimes, finding out whether or not the guy you like feels the same way back isn’t as simple as just asking. If you want to figure out whether or not that guy you’re crushing on feels the same way about you, look for these five signs.

Wanna Know How He Really Feels About You? Look For THESE

1. Texts and Messages Are Answered Quickly

If your crush replies to your texts or social media messages within seconds or minutes, this is an excellent sign that he feels the same way back. If it takes a while for him to get back to you, then this means that you might not be at the top of his priority list.

2. Other People Aren’t A Priority

When you and your guy are in social situations, watch how much attention he gives others versus how much attention he gives you. If other people seem to fade into the background, this is a good sign that you’re definitely of much interest to him.

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3. Questions Go Beyond The Casual

Pay attention to what kind of questions your crush asks you when you’re spending time together. If they go beyond the casual and are more focused on your family and your personal life than they are about the weather or mundane topics, this is a good sign that he wants to form a stronger and deeper connection with you.

4. Read The Body Language

Body language can be a powerful indicator of whether or not a guy is into you. If he leans into you when you’re having a conversation, this can be a sign that he has actual feelings for you. The more your crush positions himself so he’s close to you instead of at arm’s length, the better.

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5. Watch For The “We”

This is one of the best tricks for determining whether or not your feelings are mutual. If your crush uses “we” to describe the two of you during conversations, this is a subtle sign that a part of him already sees you as a duo. This subtle clue can be the final sign you need to figure out whether or not his feelings are real.

Determining whether or not your crush has feelings for you back can be totally stressful. However, if you learn how to watch for the right signs, you can calm your worries and figure out what’s going on once and for all. If you begin to feel that your crush might not feel the same way back, don’t sweat it. Focusing all of your energy on one person who doesn’t deserve it is never a good idea. Instead, just focus on the guys who actually show the same interest for you as you do for them.

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