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Natural Ways to Detox Your Skin After Excessive Sugar, Salt and Alcohol Consumption

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Natural Ways to Detox Your Skin After Excessive Sugar, Salt and Alcohol Consumption

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By now, everyone understands that the foods people eat affect their bodies, sometimes in profound ways. However, you may not know that unhealthy food habits can affect how your skin looks and feels, and these foods can have a detrimental effect on your appearance. Here’s a look at the substances that can cause your skin to look unhealthy and what you can do to reverse the negative effects:

Natural Ways to Detox Your Skin After Excessive Sugar, Salt and Alcohol Consumption

Effects of Alcohol

The detrimental effects of alcohol have been well known for many years. Excessive consumption of alcohol, that is, more than two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women, can cause blood pressure rises, damage to the heart muscle and impairment of liver function. Heavy drinking not only affects circulation but also causes dehydration in cells of the body, which can make your skin look old before its time. The damage to the liver can prevent proper removal of toxins from the body, which can make skin look dull, bloated and gray. Excess sugar in mixed drinks can also cause problems with circulation and can remove your healthy glow. Even wine is converted to sugar in the body and can have a detrimental effect on your skin. Beer is high in sodium, which can increase your risk for dehydration and early aging.

Effects of Sugar

One stroll through your local supermarket, reading ingredient labels, will tell you that almost everything that people consume contains some amount of sugar, in some form. This dietary fact has led to an astronomical increase in the rate of type-2 diabetes and obesity in a growing number of other countries around the world. Sugar can be expected in cookies, cakes, fruit treats, and breakfast cereals, but you may not be aware of the sugar found in gravies, spaghetti sauces and any number of other processed foods that you eat every day. Sugar may make foods tasty, but it offers no nutritional value and simply adds empty calories that can pack on those extra pounds. Sugar is also thought to contribute to inflammation throughout the body, which can affect the heart, blood vessels and the ability to remove glucose from the body, as in diabetes. Sugar has also been linked to the development of certain types of cancer. Your skin inevitably shows the signs of this body-wide inflammation and impairment of circulation. Remove the sugar in your diet and you will not only lose weight but also see a return of healthier looking skin. The availability of various types of artificial sweeteners will ensure that you never feel completely deprived of a treat.

Effects of Salt

For thousands of years, salt has been used to preserve foods and make them tastier. However, today, most of our foods contain salt, which can add up to an excessive amount on a daily basis. Too much salt can have a negative effect on health, causing high blood pressure, heart disease and kidney impairment. Sodium in salt holds fluids in the body that can make skin look bloated and dull. Being aware of the amount of sodium you consume each day can help you to get better control over fluid retention and its effects on your appearance.

Removing the Damaging Effects of Alcohol, Sugar, and Salt

Salt, sugar, and alcohol are everyday components of the average American’s life. You can undo the damage caused by these items, and help your skin look brighter and healthier, by cultivating better food habits:

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• Develop a habit of reading labels

Simply being aware of what’s in your daily food choices can help you to understand how much of these items you are consuming and will naturally encourage you to eat healthier foods.

• Put away the salt shaker

Removing salt from your cooktop and table will prevent automatic salting of your food. Soon, you will find that you don’t even miss the salt.

• Drink more water

Water helps to flush toxins and excess salt and sugar out of your bloodstream and will help your skin to look fresher.

• Limit alcohol consumption

Forego the wine with dinner and simply have water with your meal. Alternate your drinks with friends with a glass of seltzer water. Instead of reaching for a cold beer, have a tall glass of ice water.

• Avoid processed foods

Try to choose foods closest to its natural state, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Avoid foods that have a list of ingredients on the package, which will usually add unneeded salt and sugar to your diet.

You don’t have to remove every item containing salt, sugar or alcohol from your life. However, you can be aware of the amount of these compounds you consume on a daily basis and learn to limit them, to keep your body fit and your skin looking healthy and fresh.


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