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5 Men you Need to Meet, Not Marry

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5 Men you Need to Meet, Not Marry

5 Men you Need to Meet, Not Marry
By PositiveMed-Team
Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

A man who never wanted to commit – until he met you

If a man proclaims that he will never settle down with anyone and then he changes when he meets you, that’s the first signal that this is not the kind of man whom you should marry. You may feel wonderful that he changed his mind after meeting you and he is now ready to settle down, but the moment things become less exciting, less amazing between you he is likely to have second thoughts on commitment. You should meet this man as it helps you differentiate between this guy and the guy that you actually need to marry.

The guy who knows everyone

Even though you will get some benefits when you are seeing such a guy, like a table at the hot new restaurant, or send your resume to a company where he has contacts, beware of marrying such men as they will be busy sending emails or responding to texts most of the time and not able to give much time to you. Look at him as a friend because of his desire to help and sociability but that should be all.

A guy who is sensitive, funny, and charming but says nothing when you ask him if something is wrong

You should date this kind of man because he has so many wonderful qualities but also because you will learn about the importance of open communication. Marriages are long-term relationships, if you are not able to communicate openly, this long-term relationship might not last for long.

All your friends are in awe as he is so good looking, wealthy, or successful

Keep an eye on how your friends and acquaintances react when you walk into a room with him. Do their eyes widen ever so slightly on seeing you enter the room? A marriage is much more than this. How your friends react seeing you together is secondary, what is most important is that you live each and every amazing moment that you spend together. Ensure the guy you choose to marry is the one with whom you can spend time alone.

The earnest, bright-eyed younger man who adores you

You may feel optimistic about humanity and yourself when meeting this types of guy. Don’t expect your romance to continue for long. Not because he is younger, because one-sided adoration inevitably curdles into resentment that the feelings are not mutual. Its wise to meet this types of man, not marry them, the best option for both of you.

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