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7 Ways Your Relationship Changes After Extreme Weight Loss

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7 Ways Your Relationship Changes After Extreme Weight Loss

7 Ways Your Relationship Changes After Extreme Weight Loss

Reasons, why a person might strive to lose weight vary and sometimes weight loss, can be extreme. An obese person might lose weight because their doctor ordered it, for themselves, or for a loved one. No matter the reason, losing weight can change your life.

Benefits of extreme weight loss

Losing weight offers many benefits, such as improved sleep, clearer thinking, and a more positive attitude. Studies have shown that a high BMI correlates strongly with depression, and that overweight people are more prone to diseases like dementia and inflammation, and Dr. Lenore Launer of the National Institute on Aging, said, “belly fat is its own disease-generating organism.”

Finally, while hormones may be to blame for obesity in the first place, overcoming those hormone imbalances can result in improved levels of the good hormones responsible for healthy libidos, like testosterone.

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Okay, so (most) everything is improved after weight loss. Great. But how does that change our personal lives and, more specifically, our love lives?

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what science says. If there’s no personal reason to make a change, change won’t happen.

Humans have a basic need to feel attractive. Call it an instinct, call it vanity, but whatever you call it, we all have it, and we all want to make it better. And there’s nothing like a little encouragement to get us there.

So, here are:

7 Benefits to Your !ntimate Life Following Extreme Weight Loss

1. Improved confidence
Obesity goes hand-in-hand with confidence. Whether that’s because our brain isn’t being inundated with depression-inducing hormones or because like how we look again, a boost in confidence helps when it comes to feeling playful with our partner.

2. Get into position
Plainly, when you lose extreme amounts of weight, there’s a lot less of you to move around. Moving becomes easier, and that’s important when you’re talking about getting !ntimate with your partner. Ergo, moving more easily makes getting physically contact easier.

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3. Flexibility
When you lose a lot of weights, you realize just how limited your movements were before. Not only small things like bending over to pick something off the floor are less straining, but configuring your body for a variety of !ntimate positions will come easier as well.

4. Stamina
When it’s easier to move and get in a position you want to get into, you tire less quickly.

5. Fertility
Losing weight can improve your fertility. For both men and women, enjoying a healthier weight can result in a little bundle of joy.

6. Satisfaction
Factors that contribute to satisfaction are many, but many of those factors are bettered with weight loss, reduced stress and improved health among them. For men, obesity can be a factor in erectile dysfunction (ED), a huge barrier to Big S enjoyment.

7. (Hot) Fun
If something isn’t fun we’ll avoid it or grind our teeth doing it. Wincing at the thought of getting !ntimate puts ice on what should be a hot moment. Bringing the fun back into our !ntimate encounters from flirting to foreplay to lengthening the amount of time we actually spend doing the deed is a big incentive to losing weight.

Not only do the aforementioned factors make the bedroom more fun, but simply being with our partner becomes more enjoyable. Losing extreme amounts of weight can give you more energy and you’ll be driven to go on dates again, take walks, and just be a happier couple again.

And happiness is the greatest aphrodisiac of all.

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