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Find Out What A Man’s Breast Size Preference Says About His Personality

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Find Out What A Man’s Breast Size Preference Says About His Personality

It is clear as day that men have been obsessed with women’s breasts since time immemorial. Society has a built-up resume of an attractive woman that has come to influence what women feel about themselves and how men perceive women regarding attractiveness and power. However, what many have not been keen about is what a man’s breast preference may say about him. Although men’s fascination with breasts has no biological explanation, it reveals interesting things about their character. So, men, what does your breast preference say about your personality?

Studies show that men with a preference for large breasts have a tendency to have masculine interests such as great interest in sports. These men often have a need for heteroexual contact, attention, and exhibitionism. They are also either smokers at one point or the other in their lives or had low perseverance in work habits.

On the other hand, men that prefer smaller breasts were found to be more religiously staunch. These men were also nurturant and found to originate from non-working class families. They had low achievement motivation and had no definite career plans.

Commitment issues among men that love large breasts

Studies show that men that prefer large breasts tend to date frequently due to their preference for short-term commitments, or rather, their inability to commit to one person on a long term basis. These men are often independent and not good at nurturing.

On the other hand, men with a preference for smaller breasts were found to be more likely to settle down. Researchers stated that more committed men expressed more interest in women’s traits such as personality that were considered important in long term relationships.

Prettiest men like large breasts

In 2013, The University of Westminster conducted a study that was published by Archives of friendly Behavior. In this study, they discovered that men who love large breasts in women often display prettiest attitudes towards women in general. The study demonstrated that many men unconsciously relate large breasts with traditional femininity and weakness of women. This means that men were attracted to women with large breasts because they perceived such women as being ultimately feminine.

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Poor men like big breasts

According to Psychology Today, there is a strong relationship between a man’s breast size preference and the amount of money he earns. This study was able to determine that men that were financially unstable displayed a preference for large breast while those that had financial security were satisfied with smaller breasts.

According to the study, this was because the poor men found an abundance in the large breasts that made up for what they felt they lacked.

Preference for Smaller breasts linked to men with no plans to be fathers.

Another study conducted by researchers Christopher Burris and Armand Munteanu revealed that men with no desire of becoming fathers liked smaller breasts. Their study was based on the evolutionary perspective on breast size and proved that men that had a desire to become fathers preferred large breasts.

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The researchers’ explanation for this was that large breasts were linked to a fertility-related hormone which meant women were large breasts were assumed to have a higher capacity to bear children and nurture them.

Men that prefer submissive women like smaller breasts

Men that preferred smaller breasts often expressed a desire for submissive women. According to a study by psychologist Stuart Fischoff, this may be because these men feel women with smaller breasts are more likely to be loyal and faithful, and less likely to be authoritative or threatening. Their smaller breasts psychologically present them as being less interested in competing with large-breasted women.

When all is said and done, all men would be happy to find a woman willing to be naked before them. The rest is left to individual perspective since beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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