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10 Things You Should Never Say to Someone With Depression

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10 Things You Should Never Say to Someone With Depression

It can be hard and frustrating to deal with a friend or family member who is suffering from depression. As much as you would like to help, there are times where they simply retreat and need downtime. Unfortunately, in your desire to help them, or out of pure frustration, you may make things worse. Here are ten things you should always avoid saying to a person with depression.

Get Over It
One of the worst things you can say to a guy with depression is “Get over it.” While there are times in life that you just need to suck it up, depression is not something that a person can just get over. If they could, most would have by now. And he’s likely wondering why he can’t just get over it. So saying this does nothing but further frustrate him.

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There’s Someone Worse Off Than You
Anytime anyone is feeling low, reminding them that there are people who are worse off than them isn’t helpful. When someone is sad, they need people who care for them, not people who will diminish their feelings. Never try to tell a depressed male that they shouldn’t be depressed because others have a rougher life.

It’s Your Fault
Depression is a medical condition. Would you tell someone suffering from cancer that it is their fault? No. So why would you say it to someone who is suffering from depression? You shouldn’t.

Try Looking at Things Positively
When a man is in the midst of a deep depression, they feel like they are drowning. They could have a lot of things going right for them, but they will only focus on the things going wrong and their overwhelming negative feeling about themselves. Reminding them to think positively won’t help, because they can’t see the positive at this time. So spare them the lecture.

Have You Tried…?
Nothing is more annoying than asking a depressed person if they have tried medications, exercise, or other remedies you have read about online. They can go online and find out what the treatments are. Odds are, they have tried everything they could to prevent this condition.

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It’s All in Your Head
Depression is not something that someone makes up in their mind and latches onto. It is a genuine medical condition. As such, avoid telling a depressed male that the condition is all in their head. It only makes them feel worse.

Be Strong For Your Family
You never know what internal battles a depressed person is dealing with. It could take all they have to get out of bed, get dressed, or not kill themselves that day. Telling them to be strong for their family, friends or loved ones doesn’t help, as they are being as strong as they possibly can.

Let’s Go Out and You’ll Feel Better
If your loved one is depressed, offering to go out with them for a walk or out to eat can be a nice thing to do. However, if they decline, leave it at that. Pushing them and telling them that they will feel better if they get out will only make them feel guilty that they are missing out on life because they don’t want to go.

I Know How You Feel
Unless you suffer from depression, you don’t know how they feel. So don’t state you do. You can sympathize with them, but you don’t truly know.

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You’re Bringing Me Down
While it can be emotionally draining to be around a depressed person, telling them how they are bringing you down doesn’t help. Keep it to yourself and give yourself space as you need it. But never make the man feel even worse for something that is out of his control.

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If you are genuinely worried about a male friend or relative suffering from depression, the best thing you can do is let them know how much you care about him and offer to listen without judging. If and when the person is ready, they will slowly open up to you and will appreciate you for being there for him.

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