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The Way You Take A Shower Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

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The Way You Take A Shower Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

The Way You Take A Shower Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

We all have our particular shower rituals. Some people like their showers long, hot, and luxurious. Others prefer the quick “splash and dash” approach. Regardless of your routine, the way you shower says a lot about your personality.

The Shower Diva:

The Shower Diva-

Do you look at the shower as the perfect showcase for your musical skills? If so, you are likely to have a healthy dose of self-confidence. You tend to be out-going and not easily embarrassed or worried about the opinions of others.

The Multi-tasker:

The Multi-tasker

If you like to brush your teeth in the shower, you are a take-charge type of person admired for their smart use of time, energy, and money. You like a healthy dose of competition and tend to be an overachiever. You are prone to a “Type A” personality and are very goal-oriented.

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The Pamperer:

The Pamperer

If you prefer long, luxurious baths, you tend to crave life’s simple pleasures. You have a relaxed, laid-back outlook on life that enables you to stay calm, cool, and collected even in times of stress.

The List Maker:

The List Maker

Do you create your day’s to-do list while in the shower? If so, you are a good organizer who likes to prepare for whatever the day may bring. You tend to have a hard time relaxing and turning off your brain, so you use shower time to your advantage.

The Speed Demon:

The Speed Demon

If you take quick, “splash and dash” showers, you probably have a habit of running behind schedule. This means that you could focus a little on time management skills. It could also be due to you putting the needs of others before yourself, making it difficult to get everything done on time. You have a low-maintenance personality but rarely take the time to enjoy serenity in simple things.

The Cold Shoulder:

The Cold Shoulde

Do you prefer your showers ice cold instead of hot and steamy? If so, you are easily excitable. The good news is that you are aware that things get under your skin. When you feel your blood pressure begin to rise, you seek out the calming influence of a cold shower.

The Day Dreamer:

The Day Dreamer

If you use your shower time as an opportunity to let your imagination run free, you tend to be artistic, creative and like to dream big. Your friends and family admire your free spirit and sense of humor. You view the shower as your refuge for contemplating life’s big decisions.

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The Exfoliator:

The Exfoliator

If you like to use a loofah when you shower, you tend to be very thorough and detailed-oriented. People admire you for your dependability. You are the one your friends, family, and co-workers can count on in a pinch.

The Thrill-seeker:

The Thrill-seeker-

Do you jump in the shower before turning on the water? If so, you are spontaneous, a risk-taker, and crave adventure. Your willingness to live on the edge and accept risks makes you fun to be around and can even pay off in your career.

According to Steven Schachter, a Montreal psychologist, everything we do, from eating to bathing, is a reflection of our personality type. This is especially true in regards to showers where we are in private and the most free to be ourselves. So go ahead; let out your inner pop star or take that nice long soak. You are just being you.

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