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If You Have Low Blood Pressure This Might Be The Cause

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If You Have Low Blood Pressure This Might Be The Cause

If You Have Low Blood Pressure This Might Be The Cause


While many people are more alert to and aware of the medical condition known as hypertension, or high blood pressure, few are concerned with its counterpart, known as low blood pressure or hypotension. Our article below covers several possible causes of hypotension and alternative means of normalizing blood pressure back to a safer, more normal range. Let’s begin with the most common probable causes:

Advancing Age:

Normally, both low and high blood pressure increase as one age. Likewise, the blood flow to the heart and the brain also declines as an estimated 10 to 20 percent of the population over age 65 end up with some level hypotension.

Lack of Sufficient Water:

Joint studies undertaken by the American Red Cross and the Vanderbilt Medical College suggest that drinking large amounts water before having one’s blood donated actually helps raise blood pressure levels which are typically lower following a blood transfusion.

Reaction To Supplements or Certain Medications:

CoQ10, fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids and potassium, all tend to lower blood pressure if not taken in moderation. Grape seed extract is another way to naturally lower one’s blood pressure so choose wisely.

Eating Certain Foods:

While good nutritious foods do show a propensity toward maintaining good health, even too much of a good thing can be bad if not done in moderation. Some people find that digesting coconut oil or licorice also raises or lowers blood pressure, depending on the predisposition of the person.

Large cloves of garlic, grapefruit, flax seed, some strains of probiotics and green coffee bean extract also tend to lower blood pressure if not taken in moderation.

That being said, if you have high blood pressure, these foods can be beneficial in helping stabilize one’s pressure. However, if you already have normal blood pressure or slightly low blood pressure, anyone of the above supplements or foods can help plunge your pressure down to unacceptable levels. Choose wisely.

Stress And Anxiety:

Simply said, there’s no part of the human body that is not affected by prolonged stress and anxiety. Physiological changes frequently occur as a result of feelings, either positive or negative and go on to create health issues of which not even medical science is today aware.

The skin, heart rate, digestive system, joints, muscle energy levels, the hair and all body cells and systems come into play as a result of the havoc that chronic stress and anxiety produce in your body.

Many auto-immune illnesses such as Sjogren’s Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and some thyroid/adrenal dysfunction also are affected. Likewise, your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, brain chemistry, blood sugar levels and hormonal balance may also be affected.

Alternative Low Blood Pressure Protocol

Many medical doctors hesitate to prescribe blood pressure medications as they can trigger off other undesirable side-effects. Consequently, a complete lifestyle makeover is called for in treating low blood pressure. Taking your blood pressure every six months, moderate exercise, nutritious eating, moderate amounts of salt in your diet, good, consistent sleep habits and “taking it easy” do the trick of restoring a person’s blood pressure to what is considered acceptable levels.

Do you monitor your blood pressure often, and how close do your lifestyle choices align with what was covered in this article?

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