Know The 10 Signs of Lung Cancer Before It’s Too Late!

According to the American Cancer Society, lung cancer can be a silent killer because of its subtle and often overlooked symptoms. Signs of lung cancer could be mistaken with other diseases. Even if you don’t smoke, that fact doesn’t make you immune to lung cancer. This disease can occur to nearly anyone, so it’s critical to be aware of specific signs of lung cancer that could point to cancer development. Catching any cancer early on allows you to possibly recover and live a long life afterward.

Finger - Lung Cancer

1. Bloody Cough

Everyone coughs up phlegm at times, especially when you’re sick, but blood should never be involved. If you cough up a few drops of blood, that’s an indication that you must visit a doctor. The blood loss will only worsen over time.

2. Unexplained Weight Loss

Losing weight is usually a positive event, but excessive weight loss without any lifestyle changes is an immediate warning sign of possible cancer. The body isn’t using nutrients efficiently, so it’s expelling them. As a result, you lose weight even with normal eating and exercising patterns.

3. Pain Within Bones

Many cancers eventually spread into the bones because they’re near almost every major organ in the body. If you notice aches within your hips or back, ask a doctor to check your health. Although other issues might be at play, such as arthritis, lung cancer could also be involved too.

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4. Worsening Cough

You could have a chronic cough or even a brand new one. Knowing the signs of lung cancer is crutial. If this cough persists, the Mayo Clinic suggests seeing a medical professional. This symptom is a classic lung cancer sign that usually surfaces in the early stages of the disease. Take a cue from that cough to have it looked at immediately.

5. Chest Pain