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Don’t Judge A Fruit By Its Shape

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Don't Judge A Fruit By Its Shape

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover and Don’t Judge A Fruit By Its Shape

It is the honest truth; we eat with our eyes!!!

So what if you were offered the same taste, same quality of food for half the price??? The only catch was the vegetables used to prepare them didn’t look that great!!!

This seems like such a ridiculous topic and issue to be dealing with when millions across the globe are dying from hunger each an every day. Why farmers and markets are throwing away fresh produce just because they don’t meet the standard of shape and why do we think that they don’t have the same taste or nutrients that the perfectly shaped vegetables and fruits have???

Over 300 million tons of these fresh fruits and vegetables are thrown away each year.

A very clever supermarket in France started selling the imperfect shaped fruits and vegetables for a fraction of the price, it was able to reach over 300 million people after the first month and increase the store traffic up to 24%. The only problem they encountered was they ran out of supply, when people saw that there was no difference in taste and nutritional value, demand for these fruits and vegetables went through the roof!!! It was a big success.

Why eat cheap process foods when we can enjoy fresh fruits and veggies daily at an affordable price!!!

All supermarkets should have this option for the shoppers, so everyone can have the choice to eat healthy.



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