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A Grandma In London Uses Semen As A Facial Cream, See The Result Here:

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A Grandma In London Uses Semen As A Facial Cream, See The Result Here:

A Grandma In London Uses Semen As A Facial Cream, See The Result Here:

Semen is a substance found everywhere in the world at all hours of the day. Yet, despite the unlimited supply of it, it hardly ever sees any real use. Why keep discarding it, when there are some great ways to put it to use? A few uses for semen you might not have realized include using it as a recipe ingredient, skincare product, and morning sickness prevention. Semen is free and easy to find, so why not give some of these ideas a try? Trying new things like these can be a fun activity to share with your partner.


It may come as a surprise to you, but semen is a very nutritious substance. It’s rich in vitamin C and zinc, which both help to improve your immune system. Why not take advantage of the nutritional value of semen by adding it to your culinary creations? There are countless options. Print books and online resources are available to give you some ideas. Practically any recipe can be enhanced with semen, and you might just enjoy the subtle flavor difference it makes. The flavor of semen is complex and unique to each individual. Adventurous culinary enthusiasts shouldn’t miss out on the world of semen-based recipes.

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The same nutrients that make semen a nutritious food are also beneficial when applied topically to the skin. Vitamin C serums are a popular product to help with anti-aging and to prevent acne, but why shell out big bucks for a skincare product when semen is free and widely available?

Zinc is another mineral that’s known to fight acne, and semen also contains proteins which help your skin to repair itself. Try using semen as a facial treatment masque. You can do this by spreading it evenly over the skin, waiting for 20-30 minutes until it dries, then washing it away with warm water, just as with any other face masque. A semen facial masque will benefit your skin, with none of the high costs associated with commercial skincare products.
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Possibly the most surprising use for semen out there is the prevention of morning sickness. Evolutionary experts believe morning sickness occurs because the pregnant mother’s immune system is resisting the DNA material of her partner that has entered her body. The more the woman is exposed to her partner’s DNA material, the less resistance her body will have, and, therefore, the less morning sickness she’ll have. If you’ve recently gotten pregnant, or are planning to become pregnant, try consuming the semen of your partner on a regular basis throughout pre-conception and early pregnancy. Not all women enjoy swallowing their partner’s semen, but if you can stomach it, the reduction in morning sickness may very well be worth it.

If any of these ideas intrigue you, there’s no reason not to give them a try. Semen is a free, organic, all-natural substance that carries no negative side effects. You’ve got nothing to lose, so try putting your or your partner’s semen to good use!

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