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3 Signs Your Partner Has Trust Issues

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3 Signs Your Partner Has Trust Issues

3 Signs Your Partner Has Trust Issues

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Trust, or the feeling that you are safe sharing your emotions with someone, is a vital component of any relationship. Conversely, a relationship without trust is bound to come to a quick and bitter end. Trust issues could be the result of being cheated on in a previous relationship, or the result of a poor upbringing. Whatever the reasons may be, here are three signs that will help you identify if your partner has begun to loose trust in you.

3 Signs Your Partner Has Trust Issues

1. They Are Constantly Snooping Around

If your partner is going behind your back and looking through your belongings, this may be the first sign that they do not trust you. If you notice that your purse, wallet, cell phone or desk drawers are not the way you left them, it means that your partner is trying to gather information without asking. A small amount of snooping is normal in any kind of relationship, but if this occurs on a daily basis your partner has some serious trust issues.

One way to address this problem is to leave your belongings out in the open. This will show that you have nothing to hide and will make snooping seem unnecessary. Another solution may be to exchange passwords with your partner to your cell phones and social media accounts. Once the discover you have nothing to hide they may stop going through your cell phone altogether.

2. They Ask Too Many Questions Whenever You Go Out Without Them

If you are going out and your partner suddenly starts bombarding you with a line of questions they may not trust you. If they constantly want to know where you are going, who you are going out with, and when you will be coming back, they may feel as though you are lying to them. Your partner may think that you would rather spend time with other people, as people with trust issues often have low self esteem.

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As relationship expert Shirley Glass points out in the article “Trust Issues: Why Is It So Hard for Some People to Trust?” trust is “built and maintained through our faith that we believe what we are being told the truth.” If your partner continuously questions your actions they may be trying to catch you in a lie.

One solution to this problem would simply be to invite your partner to go out with you. Even if they say no, simply asking them will help put them at ease. It could also be helpful to send them picture messages or Snapchats throughout the night to confirm your whereabouts.

3. They Begin To Withhold Information

When your partner believes that they can no longer trust you, you may notice that they are not as open as they used to be. They may stop telling you about the really personal things that have happened to them that day, and instead stick to the mundane details. This is a defense mechanism – meaning that they are beginning to shut themselves off from the relationship because they are afraid they are going to get hurt.

The best way to address this is to simply ask your partner about their day, and really care and directly respond to what they have to say. If they feel that you truly have a vested interest in their daily conflicts they will begin to trust you with their feelings. And if they still seem reluctant, it could be helpful to offer up something personal that you have been dealing with first.

In order to restore trust in your relationship, you must first recognize the signs. It is also important to know when your partner is experiencing a reasonable lack of trust and when they actually begin to infringe upon your personal space.


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